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Dress Me in Navy featuring LUXEMODE Curves

Thursday, September 29, 2016
I seem to have a thing for the color navy in the fall. Although I’m not quite sure what is it about this traditional color that makes me feel this way-I just do. When I do happen to wear navy,I fell rather authoritative may I even dare say ”bossy”. And I’m okay with this especially whenI wearing something as demanding and commanding as this off the shoulder button down dress from LUXEMODE Curve Collection. This dress is perfect for both the day and night. For the day dress it up with a lightweight trench and for after-hours drinks or social occasion wear as is baring your shoulders of confidence and curves. How would you wear it?

I'm wearing size 3XL for my regular dress size of 22/24. The dress is a perfect fit. 

And because many of you have asked about my foundation, I'm wearing my favorite
They control everything from my tummy to my tuckus!

Shop LUXEMODE Curves Collection now Available 

Trend to Try: Althleisure- Featuring LUXEMODE CURVES

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Every now and then you come across a trend or two that you’re just now sure will be your thing. It maybe in the styling of the look, something was completely out of on the look or even seeing the look on someone not your size (I’m very guilty of this). For me, the athleisure is one of those trends, I’ve watched from a distance not true if it is for me, but still very curious to try and find out. With pieces from the LUXEMODE NEW CURVES COLLECTION, I took a swing at athleisure. 

I decide to get into the trend with three pieces from
The Trench style vest
The OOTD Sleeve tee
Printed lightweight joggers

All three pieces have a easy fit to them  The sleeveless tee is very loose and should be worn with a cami, while the vest and pants had a perfect fit. 

Athleisure isn't an excuse to look sloppy though. It is about spicing up the traditional sport wear and making it look stylish.

I was already a huge fan of graphic tee shirts, this trend just gives me more reason to add more to my collection. 

Check Out LUXEMODE CURVES COLLECTION featuring ya girl!!

Feeling Floral featuring Ashley Nell Tipton Presented By JCPenney

Friday, September 23, 2016

Earlier this month we talked about the #HereIAM Docuseries presented by JCPenney featuring Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton. The docuseries captured Ashley’s journey in creating her signature collection for JCPenney’s Boutique line. The series always covered the many insecurities and emotions revolving around the plus size community and fashion and how Ashley is the latest pioneer offering us wonderful fashion no matter the size.  

Everything is so good, that is why it was so hard not to buy everything (even though my heart said yes please) in the store. I did finally decide on the two pieces that really caught my eye: Boutique+ Ashley Nell Tipton Pull-OnSlashed-Knee Leggings in size 24 and Boutique+™ Short Ruffle Sleeve Button DownTunic in 3x. These piece were perfect for my feeling floral state of mind. Again the rose gold detailing in these easy to wear denim leggings really took my mind off the fact that I was wearing leggings.

Here is my look from the Boutique+ Ashley Nell Tipton collection sponsored by JCPenney.

StyleNote:  I LOVE this top! It’s extremely flirty and fun, I just want to catch a breeze in it and twirl. It does run large. I got it in a size 3X and not wishing I got the 2X but I have some layering plans for fall so all is well.

Style Note: I love the look and style of the leggings. Unfortunately they didn't fit quite as I expected. The waistband needed a little more strength in order to stay up on these 58" hips and thighs and sizing up would probably cause the fabric to be to loose. And you don't want to lose the legging look. However, the leggings are still beautiful, with functioning back pockets and cool girl credit.

I was particularly happy to see the collection offer extended sizes up to 5X. Kudos!! And the those are beautiful and definitely a display of Ashley’s vintage meet funky fresh and trendy aesthetics. With tons of feminine touches of rose gold accents, soft ruffles, box pleats and chiffon, Tiptop’s vision was throughout the entire line.

You can shop the entire collection now online or at selection JCPenney location.

Check out Ashley’s Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week and Shop the CollectionNow!!

This post was sponsored by JCPenney.  All opinions are my own. 

I Love Polka Dots-Spending the day in Foxcroft NYC

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
I would like to think of myself as a full grown lover of all things patterned and printed. Seriously, I love prints!  Sort like Oprah loovvveeeess bread, but there’s one print in particular just make me smile, Polka Dots. You have to admit there is something really feminine and playful about the classic polka dot. 

You can’t go wrong a great polka dot print. Whether your rocking it as a cardigan with fun pencil skirt, paired up with jeans for a relaxed look or my favorite way: wearing it with a midi skirt and printed pumps to help you get over Hump Day blues. This Polka Dot shirt from Foxcroft definitely put a smile on my face. Mixed with a dark fall color and you can take Polka Dots right into the season.

Surely you’ve heard of, with over 30 years in the clothing industry Foxcroft has crafted the perfect classic button-down. A custom made piece just for women. They also carry ready for workwear dresses, trousers, and sweater in plus size. I’m a huge fan of the “Non Iron” collection.  Just wash, low heat dryer and hang. Easy!!!!From perfecting the fit to adding signature details that make a Foxcroft shirt stand out from the rest, I’m a huge fan of the brand. And when they reached to share with me piece for fall, I had to add a new polka dot shirt to my wardrobe. 

I'm wearing the Plus Dot Tencel® Roll Tab Blouse in size 24
with Eloquii Studio Midi (No Longer Available)

Style Notes: This top is roomy. I went up a size so I could have a slouchy look when tucked it.  It's super soft and so beautiful in person. 

Here are a couple of quick tips on how to style your dots:

 I love pairing with stripes or leopard for a egdy vibe. A polka dot skirt with a simple t-shirt also works.

Try a ultra-feminine dotted skirt makes for an unlikely combination with a moto jacket and graphic tee. Think super sweet gone bad.

Try dots on dots for a wild funky look. 

However you work your dots have fun and love it!

This post is sponsored by Foxcroft. The options are my own.

Three Ways to Wear: Wardrobe Building with Gwynnie Bee

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Building a wardrobe and maintaining a budget may seem impossible especially if you’re anything like me. I love trying our new trends, but I also hate spending my money on trendy pieces when I know I prefer more timeless or basic pieces in my closet. If you like me then you are the plus size woman who loves fashion, enjoys shopping, wants to keep the latest trends in her closet and wishes to all this on a fairly reasonable budget…Sounds about right? Enter Gwynnie Bee, a plus size clothing subscription rental service that caters to all the needs of plus size women wanting great fabulous plus size fashion.

Gwynnie Bee offers the luxury of in home shopping without all the commitment and struggle of returning items. Far from the world of traditional shopping and limiting factors— Gwynnie Bee delivers all types of greatness in plus size fashion, without all the stress. That’s right you can rent trendy plus size clothes with no worries. I had to give it a try and share with you my Gwynnie Bee experience.

The process was pretty simple-Five easy steps to be exact. I signed up for membership, picked out the plan that best fits my budget, checked out all the top plus sizes brands and curated my collections by adding pieces to my online closet and finally waited for my new item to arrive at my door step.
My first gb item to arrive was this beautiful Quilted Wrap Jacket In Maroon from Kiyonna. When I first saw this jacket, I knew it was all about fall and I was going to have so fun styling for a fun fall week.

By mixing many of my closet basics with this jacket, I was able to create three looks for every woman. Here is how style my Kiyonna jacket from Gwynnie Bee.

Look One: Casual Weekend

This look was made for easy Saturday runs on cool days or just to relax with friends.

Look Two: All for the Workweek

This jacket mixed beautifully with my basics for a work week. 
Gwynnie Bee Kiyonna Quilted Jacket| Asos Curve Midi Skirt in Black (Mustard SoldOut)|
Swing Top in Black (Sold Out in Mustard)| BCBGeneration Lace Up Sandals-Great for wide feet!

Look Three: Night Out

I decided to go for a date night look for this gorgeous jacket. Perfect for those cool evening strolls from a show. 
Gwynnie Bee Kiyonna Quilted Jacket| Boohoo Black Midi Dress| BCBGeneration Lace Up Sandals

See great wardrobe options do exist for plus size women with a budget. Which is your favorite? You can also purchase the jacket or rent it. 

Gwynnie Bee has everything!
Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. 

Try. Wear. Love. Repeat. Free Shipping. Unlimited 

Fashion. Sizes 10-32. Start Your Free Trial

This post include affiliate links

Graphic Tees and Casual Friday

Friday, September 9, 2016
Those who know me, know I really have a special place in my heart for graphic t-shirts. I love how a great graphic tee can work in any wardrobe situation if you’re the type of girl who loves wearing them then you know exactly where I’m coming from. I rock my graphic tee several ways, because a good tee always stays on trend no matter.
Fashion is always an interesting trend. Old trends are constantly coming back in a modern way that reminds you why you loved them so much. The truth is we should buy and wear what we like regardless of the trend factor. And when it comes to a great tee and pencil skirt, I’m kinda all in. I think it has to do with my comfort for tees and my love for pencil skirt but either way this combo is always a favorite in my attire.  
Can I also mention this look is the perfect casual Friday look. The ease of the vintage style tee gifted from one of my girlfriends worn with the suede like slim fit skirt from AdditionElle circa Fall 2015. The perfect office look for the creative plus size girl spending her day in the office but with some lunch meetings or evening happy hour.

Items for this look are no longer available online, but I found some similar pieces for below with links to purchase. 

First Look: JCPenney Launches An Exclusive video featuring Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+™

Thursday, September 1, 2016
I remember sleeping with a picture from a department store back to school campaign with two teens looking cute and fashionable in leggings and stir-ups and just the thought of knowing I wouldn’t be able to have that outfit because the teen section of that store didn’t carry anything above size 14. As a young teenage girl growing up in the mid 80’s-late 90’s, the stress I would feel about shopping is heart wrenching to the adult me. I’ve never been the standard straight size, since I was a pre-teens I’ve been plus size. And to this day I still have many vivid recollections of growing up this way and not loving my body or myself.
My childhood memories of shopping consisted of countless hours of frustrating searches for something to fit and God bless my sweet mother, she would do her very best to keep my spirits high. She would always take me shopping for new clothes for back to school and holiday events, but I always felt uncomfortable, because of my size and shape.
Today, things are so different and plus size shopping has changed in so many ways. Brands created just for plus size women and teens have opened so many new doors for us to excited about shopping and knowing when we walk in the store our size will be available if it hasn’t sold out. We are having open conversations with our young girls about positive body images, self-confidence and most importantly self-love. This is why when JCPenney announced their partnership up with the very talented, fearless, plus size designer and winner of Project Runway Cycle 14, Ashley Nell Tipton so many of us were alighted and overjoyed.

Ashley Nell Tipton will be debuting her fall Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+™ capsule collection
at a one-of- a-kind live streaming shopable fashion show celebrating women of all sizes on
September 6th in New York City.
So many of us cried, laughed, screamed and felt the pain with Ashley as she overcame obstacles of the fashion industry during the competition. And the moment she won, I felt like I won and I too was overcome with the emotions of being excited and happy for her. Now in her new space and zone, Ashley has partner up with JCPenney to create magic! And the best part.. she is documenting her beautiful journey as she creates her first exclusive Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+™ capsule collection available at JCPenney. The docseries follows up after Ashley's win as she prepares to take on New York Fashion Week this September.


Here is an exclusive look at episode three of Ashley's docseries as she creates her exclusive Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+™ capsule available ay JCPenney!

The collection includes slash knee jeggings; quilted pencil and box pleat skirts; cropped cape-sleeve blouses; boyfriend tees; and bomber and moto-chiffon jackets represented in a rich color palette of rose tan, indigo, olive and black cherry.  With fun design elements such as lipstick prints, bold horizontal stripes and sequins give the collection a modern twist. And no worries, this collection is super affordable with prices range from $15.99 to $35.99 for graphic tees and pleated skirts, while moto and bomber jackets are $49.99 to $74.99.

The collection is available in 500 JCPenney stores and at where women will find

sizes up to 30W and 5X.

What did you think? Did you peep all the sequins? I get so easily distracted by shiny objects, I'm obsessed with so many pieces already.  What about you? 
This spost is sponsoeredbyJCPenney



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