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I tried the Ole Henriksen PowerBright System and here’s what happen

Friday, July 22, 2016

Last year when I turned 40, I decided to change up my beauty routine a little bit to suit my elements and now-my age. Many products I tried still didn’t give me that fresh dewy glow look I was going for and when I asked my dermatologist about products to use, she immediately recommended micro abrasion systems or chemical peels. Now if you don’t know, whenever I hear the word “chemical peel” I immediately think of that episode of Sex In the City where Samantha got the chemical peel for Carrie’s book launch party and it was disastrous.

So there goes my fear of chemical peels, that was until recently when the people from Ole Henriksen via Influenster sent me the Ole Henrikesen Power Bright System to try for a week and here’s my review of this simple step system for a bright, beautiful glowing skin.

 Power Bright Three Step Brightening System

Designed to polish, brighten and glow up your skin, this system has
a three-step system with three pods to get you that glow!. Begin with Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask enriched with sugar, honey, and pomegranate seed powder to help polish away dull skin, for a smooth, radiant complexion. I love a good scrub on my skin. This scrub smelled so good and after I rinsed it off my skin felt very refreshed and ready for the next step.

 Next, I applied the Truth 25 percent vitamin C concentrate for dark spots and fine line. 

Now, this kids is where the magic begins to happen. From the moment applied this mask of Vitamin C concentrate to my skin a very distinct tingling sensation begin to happened, honestly it begin to burn like a warming mask but a little hotter. As the shade of the mask begin to go matte so did the temperature of the mask and it was time to add one more step.

Finally, Pure Truth Melting Cleanser

Finally it’s time to apply the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser on top of the concentrate to help activate it: they called it warming (I call it burning) sensation signals that it’s working. And you will be glowed up shortly. After a couple minutes it was finally time to rinse everything off with the Power Bright complexion sponges and check out my new soft and supple Ole Glow skin.

Final Results

What you think?

Other products included where the Truth Serum Collagen booster which is now my morning OJ for the face and the Sheer Transformation, a lightweight moisturizer that keeps me glowing under my makeup.

With Makeup

I highly recommend the Ole Glow System to anyone looking to change up their facial routine to add something new to their skincare system. I’m on day seven and my skin still has a healthy glow and softness even after hours of full face makeup in this Alabama heat.

You can get the entire system online at

Seven Days Later

I guess you say, I’m all Glow Up now, Thanks Ole Henriksen and Influenster.  

Until next time! 

Summer Personal Style:Tribal Prints X White Jeans

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Every summer I try to make a list of things to challenge myself in my personal style. Of course this generally means letting down some guards and tackling those misconceptions of society in order to take the necessary leaps. For me, the challenge of my personal style is trying new trends. Like any other person, I know what works for me but I also have to realize trying something new may work even better. One trend I’ve been struggle with for the past five years has been white denim in the summertime. I can’t begin to express to you how hard I was against this one at one time. It always had to do with the jeans making my thighs look huge, when in reality…My thighs are HUGE…I just had to accept this little fact. Crazy-right?

Now that I have lifted this veil and love these thighs, my relationship with white jeans has improved. I currently own three pair of white jeans and these from Dress Barn makes number five!. Yep I said Dress Barn, I had no clue the retail gurus of all thing dresses and work wear had decided to take a swing at denim. What I can say is WELL DONE Dress Barn. I honestly didn’t think they were going to work on these thighs, but I am pleasantly surprised about these jeans. I purchased these locally about three months ago when I first created my summer looks list and I was trying to get the jump on everyone, so some locations may still have them.

Top:Yours ~ Jeans: Dress ~Shoes: Nordstorm ~Bag:

To celebrate my new white jeans, I decide to try another big trend this summer. Off the shoulder, it seems to me that everything is currently off the shoulder, showing shoulder, cut out at shoulder, and so on. This Black & White Ikat Print Frill Gypsy Crinkle Top With Elasticated Neckline top from Yours Clothing is probably one of my new summer favorites. The black and white tribal print with white denim is definitely sending a summertime vibe. 

Arm Candy~ Reed and CoDesigns
I know trying new trends can be tricky because every year and every season new trends come and go. So the key is to find the elements of your personal style that make you smile and feel good. Know your classics and what works for your body and celebrate the trends that do work for you.  And if you miss one..Trust me- They come around.

See ya next time!


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