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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Morning Luvs!!! Right now,  I have to say I'm still attempting to come off Cloud 9 from another great accomplishment.  This time being featured in with the ladies of 30 Plus Style.  I am truly feeling blessed in this journey as new doors open. 

This tee says it all.

Jumper Madness: Pacific Geo Jumper | Fashion To Figure

Friday, July 25, 2014
Happy Friday Dolls!!!! It's truly been a long week, but a wonderful weekend is on the horizons.

Let Talk Summer Trends!

This summer I've been pushing myself to face my fashion fears. First there was the bikini, (see here), then shorts (see here) and now,  "The Jumpsuit".  The jumpsuit trends for plus size girls has taken my fashion world by surprise.   I have to admit,  I wasn't a fan of the adult oneies, as I call it.  I even expressed this jumpsuit fear with a friend and one day while on an excursion with her we stop at  Fashion to Figure and came across this beauty.

Plus Size Pacific Geo Jumper | Fashion To Figure
Plus Size Pacific Geo Jumper | Fashion To Figure 
Sorry to say this is no longer on the site, it really is a great jumpsuit but continue to check them out for other styles.

I tried on four different jumpsuits and this is the one I chose, it seemed to have all the great style elements I focus on when shopping.

  1. Color-An Awesome Melon/ Orange color which is perfect for my deep bronze golden complexion.  
  2. Material- A great soft Jersey material that stretches and molds itself to every curvy and drapes with a smooth finish.
  3. Length- Not too short nor too long. Perfect for heels and sandal. 
  4. Work Appropriate- Anytime I can add a blazer to a piece and make it  part of my corporate wear, I feel like I just got a Two for One deal. Winning!!! Right?


Friday, July 18, 2014


30 PlusStyle: Cutting It Short

Monday, July 14, 2014

HAPPY MONDAY LUVS!!!!! We're back with another installment of  #30PlusStyle.  This time we cut it short with our favorite looks with shorts.  I must admit, I rarely....rarely wear shorts and I was going to challenge myself this summer by adding them to my wardrobe and seeing where it takes me.  For this challenge, I went with this summer's trend of  Kimonos and Shorts.  I love the great bohemian vibe it's playing out on the fashion scene right now and so far I've collected about four great kimonos that are great coverage  pieces and stylish. 
I hope you like! 

        There is something about the boho look that screams ease and effortless to me.

My Kimono is a 100% Silk Tommy Bahamas Robe that retails for about $100,  but I got it for $6.99 at the local Goodwill.  Also this robe is a size S/M and fits perfectly, I didn't have a need to close it.  The Owl tee is part of my graphic tee collection.  I picked it up at the local Burke store for $5.99.  The shorts are from the Lee's No Gap collection. A great short for ladies with extended bottom like myself.  They come with a high waist fit and little to no riding in the inner thigh (just so you know).  I got theses about a year ago from Walmart for $12.99.  The great addition to this ensemble are my Nude Strappy babies by Tahari.  The heel is a great height for me plus comfort and style are added benefits to this summer style staple. 

Outfit Details
Kimono/Robe: Thrifted- Check out the Sleepwear section
Tee: Burke's
Shorts: Old
Shoes: Tahari-DSW

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Currently Obsessed: Relaxed Crop Tops and Midi Skirts

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Happy Friday Eve!!!!!!! I have been obsessing over a couple trending looks this month, that I have to share with you.  And the best part....these are items you may already have in your closet.  Like I said in my last post, I recently recovered my beloved Summer wardrobe from my storage since my move and I can honestly say, I have been finding items that I complete forgot about....shameful I know, but it's such a surprise to see these items.

Currently, I am in love this summer with "love" graphic items.  My second love is the crop top and midi trend, not to take anything away from the pencil skirt,  but this look is more friendly to Ms. Tuckus. If your are looking for something to hide your fuller bottom, this is your best approach.

I paired a great It's Fashion Metro find ($4.99) with a thrifted Venezia (Old  Lane Bryant label) full skirt, which still has a great color and drapes my curves beautifully.

 The outfit total is $10 not including the accessories. 

What you think?

Outfit Details
Top: It's Fashion Metro 
Skirt: Thrift Similar ( Eshakti)
Handbag: Thrift
Shoes: Shoe Station

Nothing Better than Summer Vintage

Monday, July 7, 2014
Happy Monday!!!!!! Over the weekend, I had a minute to clean out my summer storage and find many of my favorite vintage goodies.  Let me just say that I was super excited and filled with glee when I saw this beauty in the box.  This fun frock is circa 1970's has a really loose boho look and feel to it. Plenty of room to move with ease and is of a great lightweight fabric, perfect for summer evenings.  I imagine this ensemble being a great summer dinner date outfit or something I could wear to a festival with flats.  Or just keep the flats in my purse and go from dinner to dancing, that's what summer is all about.......My future hub should hurry and get here for the fun.  Anywho.......What you think?  And What about my new hair!!! Love to hear!

Dress: Thrifted| Handbag: Charming Charlie's| Accessories: Charming Charlie's and Thrifted| Shoes: Shoe Station

Style Star Captured: Nia Long Taught Me

Thursday, July 3, 2014

While I was browsing all my favorite  trending sites last week, I was captured by this gorgeous pictures of the talented , timeless beauty Nia Long.  I went into full obsession mode that day.  Everything about the simplicity of her look was CLASSIC and FLAWLESS and can I say this is 43!! Yes, Nia is sipping the Fountain of Youth tea and I am only asking for the used tea bag myself. Nia's look inspired me to recreate it from head to toe including a makeup. 
Nia wore a simple black linen cami dress with a front slit and pockets, beautiful clean makeup, a solitaire pendant and ankle strapped sandals.  

I wasn't so lucky to find such a dress,  but being a fashion hound I was able to find two of the main elements of this style  in my closet already.   

Black Cami: Old Navy| Black Skirt: Asos| Necklace: Charming Charlie|Shoes: Me Too
Makeup: All NYX

I didn't think I would like this look without the earrings...what do I know......Nia Long Taught Me

Everything else about this look was easy to put together and I was ready in 10 minutes.

I went full NYX face for this look.  I am a huge NYX fan, the makeup is of professional grade and the price is budget friendly.  You can find this great product at any Ulta, Target, Select CVS, Select Beauty Supply Stores and Online.

I provided two shoe options. I'm not a high heel girl.

Get Graphic!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

By now, you may have noticed that I have a thing for graphic t-shirts.  Besides being comfortable they are the perfect way to speak without speaking. Of course working a graphic tee into your stylish wardrobe can be perceived as being tricky yet it's very easy with some of my basic pointers.  With a little help from my lovely #30PlusStyle sisters, The Jenesaisquoi and The Grown and Curvy Woman, we can point you in the right direction.

1) Picking the Right Tee- Design Design Design is key.  Theses catchy phrases and vintage looks are really out there.  And the "Afrocentric" designs created by my fellow natural girls are always a fun and stylish.  Custom t-shirt are a great way to reflect your personality and be fashionable.

Georgette custom made her tee.  It is the perfect tee for a queen! Check out the rest of her look!

2) Fit- T-Go for the smooth loose fit and play it up with a great skirt and sexy pumps.

 The Lovely Jeniese dresses up her t-shirt with a great print. See the look here.

3) Style it up- When you make a graphic t-shirt part of the wardrobe, you must make sure you leave the sweats and sneakers at the door and slip into a great blazer and shoes to dress them up.

So what are you waiting for.....Go Out There and Get Graphic!!



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