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My Thrift Haul---The Keepers

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
So, this is part 2 of the Thrift blog.  These are my keeps. Yipee!!  All outfits are rough layouts right now, 2 of the dresses really need a spotlight moment of there own, so coming soon.  Whats make this the best is I went home this past weekend and found some great stuff!! Take a peak into my closet!

Another muu muu- this time Blood Ox Red with Black leaves--Love Love Love this dress.
It pretty big, but with a belt you can transform anything!  See below


Cream Tweed with Demin Trim

I can't wear the jailbait leggings but I got plans for this blazer!

Purple tweed jacket

I'm not very big on floral but I love the color!

Purple pleat skirt with paisley designs

A beautiful sheer polka dot dress


Four Awesome Handbags!!!

Thrift and Estate sales goodies

Friday, October 19, 2012
UPDATE: 11/12/2012 Here are the some of the items I have left from my haul and they are ready for sale.  
Please email me at for questions and to place order. 

Gold Shimmer Deep V Top  sz- XL-$8
80's Print Skirt Size 18 - $10  Missing one button
70's Tan Plaid Multi  Sz S-M.  Good Condition  Sz- $20
Red Silk Column Dress the Ruffle Front.   Sz- 8-9  $20 
Fushia Mock Wrap Front Skirt  No tag inside but measures for modern day Sz 20.  $10
Beautiful Pleated Skirt Beige multi  Sz- 14-16   $10
Gorgeous Black Floral Boho set.  The skirt is a full pleat style. Tag says 18, but measures for size 14-16  Very Sheer! $20 two piece set
Structure Beige Blazer.  80's Art Deco design. Size 18 $20
70's Sheer Black and Gold Thread Top with Peep hole back for sex appeal.  Size 10 $25
Bright Red Blazer with gold buttons.  Asymmetric collar.  Size 16 Lined.  $20
Paisley Flare skirt various fall colors. Size 14-16 $10
High Waist Black/Brown slim leg.  These pants are so GORG!!!! Lined Size 10 $15

Polka Dot Tie Front blouse  Size 16-18 $10
Beautiful Golden Girl Chic Blouse.   Colorful and Gorgeous  Size S-M  $18
Red Multi with pleated skirt and black pocket square.  Size 12 $15 
Olive Multi Paisley printed Sarong style.  Size 16 Lined bottom  $20
Gold Silk Shantung ankle pants.  Size 18 $12
Red Dress with Sequin Dots!  PERFECT FOR HOLIDAYS!!! Size 10 Lined  $20
Beautiful Blue Polka Dot dress. Velcro closure.  Size S  $15

Satin Bubble Top.  Can be worn as dress also.  Size XL  $10

Tan Halter with Great Embellished Empire Waist 1X- $10

Black/ White Flare Skirt.  Sz. 18  Lining was cut $18

Black Bloused Dress with full skirt.  Size 11 

Pricing is simply.

Shipping included in price.

Currently I'm not shipping internationally, but I will next year.

If there is anything special your looking for, please let me know.

DIY Animal Print

Sunday, October 14, 2012
Recently, I have been itching to buy some of those animal print jeans that have been trolling around here on all the trends must have list.  I have a strict trending list rule......trend budget is $25 or less.  For most curvy girls, the trending items cost a little more. Here are some of my favorites.
Target's Pure Energy Brand- Really tight in my rolling hills areas aka thighs, but very cute for  $29.99.   Here's the Link

Torrid's Indigo Leopard Sophia's- Love the brand original price $64.99 on sale right now for $39.99.  Here's the Link

Just came across these from Deb's shop- I'm not sure about these, but they are at a good price- $28.00.  Hers's the Link

I absolutely love Not Your Daughter Jeans but the  price can really  be a bit much for someone who rarely wears jeans like me. The Sheri Skinny in Cheetah print at $130.00. Here's the Link

Now being a single girl on a budget, I find my deals at most sales, thrift stores and online shops.  I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to say and you can too, here is how.

Your supplies are pretty cheap: All items can be found at your favorite craft store. 
  • Stencil Paper-. A heavy poly-coated paper that cuts easily and features excellent resistance to penetration of oil, dyes and water based paints and inks.
  • Fabric Paint
  • Hobby Knife or X-acto 
  • Pointy Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stencil Brushes- I used old paint brushes and cut them down to 2 inches.
  • Bowl for paint
  • A pair of jeans

Here are you steps:

  • Pick your image-I started this project by picking a pattern that I loved from a image search from the web. I didn't want to look like something from big cat country, so I pick a nice pattern that would be easy to trace and not take up too much time.  Remember the smaller the pattern, the more time it takes to trace and cut. 
  • Print the image to a size you like and Trace it on the Stencil paper with a pen, so you can cut the tract out with the razor, x-acto knife or weapon of choice.
  • Take the Stencil template and tape firmly in place on the jeans.
  • Now the fun part.  With your paint in a bowl, dip the brush in the paint the lightly dab the paint on the jeans.  Cover the stencil with just one coat only.
  • Now remove stencil and do the step above until you have covered your jeans completely.

Keep a cup of water on hand to dip brush in.
Keep paint light so it will dry faster and make it easier to finish.

Now time for the big reveal.....drum roll please!!

This look was a cue from one of my favorite bloggers Stylechic360.   I love her looks, they are so chic.  
The jacket is a gifted from my aunt various collection of 70's. 80's fabulous.  I love that baby hoarder.  The shirt is from Belk's Sunny Leigh Women collection. 

Everytime I look at my thighs all I can hear is Jill Scott's Rolling

I was being funky so Patent Red wedges from  Nine West

The second look - Thrifted Pink Jacket, I feel like a Pink Lady and in honor of Breast Cancer  awareness this was perfect

Sheer black tie top from Target circa 2007

NOW I LOVE LOVE MY SOFFT PATENT MARY longer available.  I can't skip on cost with the feet.  Sofft Shoes. Please disregard my cane leg.

Remember Have Fun and I would love to hear from you and see your creations!

It's not Fall yet

Friday, October 5, 2012
I have been in a jealous rage with all the fabulous fall fashion surrounding me on social networks and media. Everyone looking all stylish and cute in their fall looks - boots,  bright coats and floppy hats.....UGH!!  **Sigh*** So I made some baby steps into fall and maintained my Florida cool.

I mixed my Coral Peplum top from Asos Curve- my color is no longer available , see it In Black with my old Brown Pencil Skirt from Ashley Stewart similar

I have fun with this outfit-- green belt (Marshal's) and leopard clutch (Thrift find), for fun of course

Keeping with the fun. Ring necklace from World Market.  I love  World Market!

Outfit Logistics:
Top: Asos Curve
Skirt: Ashley Stewart circa 2008
Shoes: Bandolino circa 2010
Necklace: World Market- 
Belt: Marshall's Talbot's Brand

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