My Thrift Haul---The Keepers

So, this is part 2 of the Thrift blog.  These are my keeps. Yipee!!  All outfits are rough layouts right now, 2 of the dresses really need a spotlight moment of there own, so coming soon.  Whats make this the best is I went home this past weekend and found some great stuff!! Take a peak into my closet!

Another muu muu- this time Blood Ox Red with Black leaves--Love Love Love this dress.
It pretty big, but with a belt you can transform anything!  See below


Cream Tweed with Demin Trim

I can't wear the jailbait leggings but I got plans for this blazer!

Purple tweed jacket

I'm not very big on floral but I love the color!

Purple pleat skirt with paisley designs

A beautiful sheer polka dot dress


Four Awesome Handbags!!!

What's your opinion?