30PlusStyle:The Swimsuit Edition

Deep Breathe, because this is the moment of truth for every woman. No matter her shape, age, ethnicity or style preference......THE SWIMSUIT!

I have to tell you, when I first saw this in the email, I was mortified, seriously scared out my mind.  I researched every plus size blogger out there wearing a bikini; GabiFreshGarner Style and of course, The Curvy Fashionista, who by the way is #30PlusStyle First Guest Blogger.  I feel so honored to have her share this moment with us.  I am so hoping to meet her one day in my lifetime. 

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Now for the Swimsuit!!!
 I picked the Bombshell High Waist Bikini by Forever 21 Plus in Yellow ( My Favorite Color)!

I wanted to start with an easy day on the beach look first.  
Vintage Pleated Skirt| Thrifted   Bombshell Bikini|  Forever 21Plus  Shoes (Bandalino) |Marshalls  Handbag|Thrift  Bangles|Various  Sunnies|Vintage -Thrift

Now for a little more skin.

With all this excitement going on my nervous became a mess, I know I went through the Seven Stages of Death and no one was dying, well there was this "girl" who was still hanging out in my mind.  As the days closed in on me, I think acceptance overcame the rest of the insecurities and self love pushed me over to complete my body acceptance journey.  

The scariest thing about this post was my over thinking on how others will view this milestone in my life. "Frankly, My Dears, I don't give a damn". I have always had these hips, #mythighstouch, #mykneesknock and Madam Tuckus a.k.a my bottom is plump. 

In my 38 years of life, I have been fat shamed and I have been a big girl loved, in the end I only know one true life lesson.
 Be Good to Yourself First, So Others Know How to be Good to You. 

To Thine Own Self Be True
                        ~William Shakespeare

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What's your opinion?

  1. You look haute! Your bathing suit looks great on you!

  2. What an adorable bikini! You are all ready for beach season. :)

  3. When I saw this challenge I knew you Ladies would rock it and you did not disappoint. Girl...you look Lovely in this yellow and I am glad you are showing off. Kudos!!

  4. You look fabolous! And big applause for overcoming. We live in such a harsh society these days. We need more of these examples, especially for the younger generation.

  5. You slayed this look! Killed it and looked absolutely amazing! I love it!

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