Graphic Tee Love! I'm in love with an Autobot.

Let me start by saying,  I'm a huge comic fan or dare to say, a geek (YES FULL BLOWN COMIC GEEK). Secondly, I love the dressing up graphic t-shirts, it may be one of my favorite looks when I want to display a little more personality to an outfit.  I usually go for something with a saying or cool artwork,  but with my boo coming to the big screen tonight, I had to display my affection in a fashionable way of course.

With most graphic t-shirts, I always add 3 things to make it dressy. 

1. A Cute Jacket
2. A Pop of Color
3. A great Pair of Heels

Add these 3 elements to your graphic t-shirt and see it change from Head of the Class to One Classy Lady.

Outfit details:
Blazer: Target (mainstream)
T-shirt: JCPenny
Pant: Belks
Shoes: Unisa
Accessories: Thrift

What's your opinion?

  1. Cute outfit!! Love the autobot tee with the pop of red. That red really sets the whole outfit off. Hope you enjoyed the movie :)

  2. You are gorgeous! I wrote about you in my blog: