Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finding the Perfect Jumpsuit for Thick Thighs: Part Four

Hey Luvs!!!

The week of Jumpsuits for Thick Thighs is winding down and I wanted to save my favorite one for last. Yes. Yours Clothing did it again! This fancy little number is perfect for a night out on the town. And since I'm needing more date nights in my life this would be perfect for such an occasion.  Plus I think every girl needs a LBJ (Little Black Jumpsuit) especially in the summer when you can dress it up or down. The material of this suit had a a crepe look, yet a jersey feel and stretch to it which is great when looking for a dressy option in the jumpsuit department..

 I made the look very simple, yet glamorous with some beautiful jewelry from Sweet Home Bling, my Chloe + Isabel merchandiser.  I guess I was thinking...Breakfast at Tiffany with a jumpsuit. LOL!

Jumpsuit: Yours Clothing
Handbag: Thrift Find
Shoes: DSW Unisa

What do you think?  How would you rock this?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Finding the Perfect Jumpsuit for Thick Thighs: Part Three

Morning Luvs!!!!!

Are you enjoying Jumpsuits for Thick Thighs week?  The feedback has been great and I greatly appreciate you!! Today's jumpsuit is definitely one I was a little shy to tackle.  Yes! I still have some clothing issue that I'm working though everyday.  Although I don't have a full on fear of floral, I am a little shy when is come to putting this type of pattern on these thighs. I can turn a small patch into a full on garden with these thick thighs. LOL!! Thus the reason to why I stayed away from full on floral action, but the point of this blog adventure is to step out of my boundaries to try new things and then pray I inspire you to step out of your and together we grow in confidence, self love and acceptance.   So let take a look at today's jumpsuit!!

This is another jumpsuit from Yours Clothing UK.  The team from Yours Clothing really knew how to make a girl with thick thighs free wonderful.  At first sight I though to myself, this is not going to work.  Fear kicked in but the fabric of the suit drew me back and once I tried this jumpsuit on, I felt a summer overload.  It was perfect!

I feared my thighs would get caught up in floral madness and look huge.  To my pleasant surprise, the jumpsuit was very slimming and sexy. Hey Now!!!

I wanted a work look this time so I paired the jumpsuit with a black blazer from Evans.  My favorite bright yellow dress wedges from Lord and Taylor and my cute thrift find clutch. I think the look tied together rather nicely.  I felt fun and classy and would surely wear this jumpsuit again for work or play. 

How would you wear it?

Jumpsuit: Yours Clothing
Blazer: Evans USA
Shoes: Sebastian
Clutch: Thrift Find (Similar)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finding the Perfect Jumpsuit for Thick Thighs: Part Two

Hey Luvs!!! 

Another day and another jumpsuit! If you're following me, you know how I am always preaching about "Thick Thigh" friendly clothing.  Some brands have caught on to this and making me so happy. One brand that always gets it right for me in the jumpsuit department is Fashion to Figure.  My first experience with this brand was last year when my search for jumpsuits begun.  I found the Geo Pacific Jumpsuit at Fashion to Figure and fell in love.  I was so excited about about this jumpsuit, I did a post on it and everything. Check it out.. here

This suit is very similar to my first suit. I really like how cut of the jumpsuit provides a large amount of room for the "blessed areas".  Although the deep V is not for the shy nor timid, it offers a chance to go risky or play it safe with a cami. I went for the safe option, but I think I would go  full deep V if  wearing it for a night out on the town.  For this look it was about having a easy day look that could fall into an the evening.

Kimonos are great for sleeveless jumpsuits. They provide little coverage and depending on the type of kimono you rock, some drama too.

  Now for a bit of sad news..This jumpsuit is sold out. But other styles are available. 
Shop Here

Jumpsuit:Fashion to Figure
Kimono: Cititrends
Sandals: Sam Elderman -DSW

What do you think?
How would you wear it?

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Finding the Perfect Jumpsuit for Thick Thighs

Hey Luvs!!!

This week is for Team Thickthighs!!! We struggle with pants legs like no other. And as much as we would love to slide into a jumpsuit our thighs won't let us at times.  With so many fashionable options available now for the plus size girl,  some options still fall short. For me,  these thick thighs are a deal breaker.  My 58" thigh,buttock and hip span can be a little challenging at times especially when I want to fall in love with jumpsuits.  I've always been a jumpsuit fan, but I could never find a suit that would fit me properly. Until now, Over the past year, I've found some pretty awesome thick thigh friendly retailers that offer the right fit for our thighs.

And this week I will share some of my favorite jumpsuits that were made just for us.  I will also show you the perfect foundation for your jumpsuit for a smooth, flawless finish!! Ready?? Let's get this week started with my first pick is from Yours Clothing.

This suit immediately became my favorite suit to dress up or down. The gold accent of the zipper and drawstring is so chic and sexy...Right?  Of course I can't be distracted by the shiny things, so let's talk fit! This suit is made of a durable jersey material that stretches to your body perfectly and is so comfortable. The thighs were extremely happy with cut and material.  I wanted a chic Sunday brunch look with this jumpsuit. This is one way I would wear it to hang out with my family, enjoy a wonderful meal and not worry about things sliding up or down.

I finished the look with a seriously chic pair of sandals from Sperry Top Sliders. The Lynbook sandals is so comfortable and classy.  I had to get leopard, it was calling my name, but it also come in black.  I have been thing about getting the black just to have on had.  They do run a little large and completely adjustable.   The last piece to wrap the look together is my fringe Oliva + Joy Fringe handbag.  I purchased this bag from 6pm, it's sold out but I found a similar one on Amazon (here).

What do you think about the Utility Jumpsuit from Yours Clothing?
How would you wear it?

Shop My Look
Jumper: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Sperry Top Sider Amazon
Handbag: Amazon Similar

Soooooo.... What I'm I wearing underneath to keep a smooth finish?

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