Because Representation Matters: Celebrating Signed Blake Amazon Drop and more dark skin women in fashion.

Not to say the fashion industry has been given a bad rap for their unrealistic expectation of beauty, and rightfully so.  If you are following fashion, you may have noticed how brands of all price points have begin changing the standard and making new efforts to represent black influencers and models. 

From magazine covers to commercials and campaigns, the familiar thread of models or influencers with similar build, ethnicity, and age still reflects the industry's so-called norm. And while the increased presence of black influencers in fashion has generally constituted a positive change, there are still many issues on the forefront concerning the representation of dark skin women in fashion.

Today myself and a few friends celebrate and support Chicago lawyer and content creator, Blake Gifford of Signed, Blake. The recent drop of her curated collection on Amazon's The Drop features a beautiful pallet of fall florals and texture perfect for the early spring to fall transition. With that in mind, it is always exciting to see wins come down the pipeline for the women who have made the industry notice them for their phenomenal taste in fashion and style. 

Make sure you check out Chasi of Sweat and Mascara and LaToya of The FatGirl of Fashion.

What's your opinion?

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