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Graphic Tee Love! I'm in love with an Autobot.

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Let me start by saying,  I'm a huge comic fan or dare to say, a geek (YES FULL BLOWN COMIC GEEK). Secondly, I love the dressing up graphic t-shirts, it may be one of my favorite looks when I want to display a little more personality to an outfit.  I usually go for something with a saying or cool artwork,  but with my boo coming to the big screen tonight, I had to display my affection in a fashionable way of course.

With most graphic t-shirts, I always add 3 things to make it dressy. 

1. A Cute Jacket
2. A Pop of Color
3. A great Pair of Heels

Add these 3 elements to your graphic t-shirt and see it change from Head of the Class to One Classy Lady.

Outfit details:
Blazer: Target (mainstream)
T-shirt: JCPenny
Pant: Belks
Shoes: Unisa
Accessories: Thrift

Minty Fresh Summer

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This past weekend,  The Summer Solstice lured me into doing a lot of things. I planned my summer work and play wardrobe, did some thrifting for cute summer items, changed my hair (for those who know me this comes in stages) and planned some great looks for July.  

Now while we're still in June, here's my salute to Summer!

 I felt like going minty after finding this adorable mint seersucker pleated skirt in the local Goodwill and was not leaving this 3.99 gem in the store.   I paired it with a mint and white stripe shirt from It's Fashion Metro , my beloved Sebastian Pointy Toe Wedge Pumps (greatest ebay find ever!) and my slouch clutch, which was also a great find at Burke Outlet.  

Here are similar items from

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Outfit Details
Shirt: It's Fashion Metro
Skirt: Goodwill
Shoes: Ebay
Handbag: Burke Outlet

Wearing Your Vintage: Vintage Styling

Friday, June 20, 2014

Last week, we talked about vintage sizing and shopping.  Now, that you have popped them tags at the local thrift store let's get to the fun part.   The absolute best part about vintage for me is just wondering the life this piece had prior to entering my crazy world.  In order for these garments to stand the test of time, someone had to love it.  I mean have you ever wondered why vintage items remain as vibrant and bright as something hanging in the department store right now? Materials and construction have a lot to do with this, items produced years ago were of high quality, durable, vibrant fabric. Polyester never had it so good, but seriously decades ago fabrics were treated beautifully and many items were produced right  here in the USA.

Now, I could bore you for hours talking about vintage but I know your here for the clothing and tips. All item in this post are available for sale.

1)  Vintage Blazers are always a great score! A great vintage blazer in a vibrant color can be mixed in any wardrobe to add a extra pizazz.

2) When wearing a vintage dress, let this beauty shine.  Play up the retro vibe and add your latest and greatest heel.  The vibe of this dress below was very,  Elvira Hancock ( Michelle Pfiffer played that one). .

3) GO SHEER!!!!!! Vintage would not be vintage if there was not a moment of sheer madness.  I am not sure what the weather was like, but the thin material was a favorite for many items  from the 60-70's.  Wear very pretty underwear, if you understand.

4) The day dress is the greatest vintage item for every girl.  This item is usually in a great playful style and color.  Make it pop more by adding a extra kick.

5) If the Sequin Tunic is long enough......wear it as a dress.  Most vintage tunics length go past the hips, so throw on some short shorts and heels.

6) A crop top will make it all better. Really...It does.

7) Go Classic Beauty.  Some vintage needs no work just a bun and a pair of pumps and you will knock them dead.

8) Have Fun!!!!!! Mix a Graphic Tee with a vintage blazer and camo pants.  It's a fresh approach and far away from the full vintage on vintage look.

9) Wear it well.

10) Find your Vintage Muse.  My two vintage muses are Chaka Khan and Diana Ross.

As I have said before, Vintage is Fun, Functional, Trendy and Chic.  It can elevate your wardrobe to great heights.
All items Available online.  

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Thursday, June 19, 2014
In recent events in life my life I have felt a good amount of love.  Met new people and opened my world up to receive better days.  This outfit is for the ones who have shown me "Love". 
And speaking of love, go like my page on facebook, YEAH ME!!! for little accomplishments!!! 

Love, Pep

 I have been looking for a white "Love" tee for about a year now.  I found this one at the local Cititrends for $8.99.  I have been making some serious scores at the local Cititrends lately.  Let me mention, the skirt was from there also for $5.00!!!!

The Detail: Top: Cititrends| Skirt: Citirends| Chainlink Statement Necklace: TJMaxx| Bangles: Gifts and Thrifts| Clutch: (old) Target

The Detail: Top: Cititrends| Skirt: Citirends| Chainlink Statement Necklace: TJMaxx| Bangles: Gifts and Thrifts| Clutch: (old) Target

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Soft Pants and Joggers From Rainbow.......Yes!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
This morning I posted pic on Instagram making fun of the lovely Jenesaisquoi and soft pants.  We discuss her current addiction and I had to find me a pair.  My search was a fail over fifteen times,  I could never find a pair that fit my lady Tuckus properly. I was so excited when I found these, that I never thought to 1) Do a blog on my great find and 2) Tell you that these pant are from Rainbow!  I know!!! I went to the local store here in Montgomery but they are all over the place and the selection was very pleasing.

They are about $14.99-$16.99 online.  In the store I got mine for $11.99. 
 Links below for the ones I tried one and like alot. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY SHOPPING!!




Vintage 101: Vintage Size vs. Modern Size What’s your size?

Friday, June 13, 2014

   SCENERIO:  You bought your first vintage piece online, the owner states the item in a size 18 and you’re a size 16, your giving yourself some extra room at least that is the thought process you have about the piece.  You place your order and wait patiently for the arrival of your cute "June Cleaver" daydress.  Your dress arrives, you run to try it on with excitement and joy,  only to discover the dress is not only too small but you can’t get it past your chest or hips when trying to step into it.  “Something is wrong”; “That vendor sent the wrong size” and of course “I want my money back”  (usually for vintage there is a NO REFUND policy)…..I'm sure all of this sounds familiar even if you are shopping at the local thrift shop or goodwill.  The thing is vintage sizing is different.   

Without getting into the long explanation of how the last 50 years have changed our dieting habits, modern medicine and the American clothing industry. The size charts have changed.  Vintage clothing sizes run 4-6 sizes smaller than clothing sizes today. For example, I normally wear a size 20-22 in most everything ( dress, pants, skirts) but if I'm trying on a 50's dress, I need  to look in a size 42-44 (Plus Size starts at 40), same rule for items in the 70’s if it’s fitted.  With daydress, pleated skirts and some shift dress you can get away with a 12-18 in vintage size.

So when it comes to vintage clothing, my advice to you is:
1) Ignore the number and focus on the measurements, because they are the most accurate.
2) KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS!!!  You can no go wrong when the measurement says 44 hips and your 44 hips.
3) Keep your measurement in your phone.  Modern technology is wonderful for a absent minded fashionista.
4) Keep a tape measure on you when you plan on trying on vintage.  It saves time and sanity.

What about shopping for vintage online?  How do I avoid the wrong size?
Same rule applies-KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS.  When shopping online most retailers use the “lay flat” measurements which means you need to double it to get the actual number. And with a 21" lay flat measurement is 42" and give yourself 4" to make it fit perfectly.   I always tell women to add 4 inches to their measurements because you must take your cup measurement in consideration, a 44DD is actually 48" in vintage sizing.  Just be mindful and also add 4-6" for your hips, they do spread when you sit down. 

You will need the extra 4 inches, TRUST ME.

Next if you don't know.
How do I take my measurements?

Bust:  Use a sewing measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your bust (with bra on!). 
Waist:  Measure the smallest part of your natural waist line. This will probably be about one inch above your belly button. 
Hips: Stand with your feet close together! Measure the fullest part of your hips (for me this all of my booty and thighs). 

Shopping for Vintage should be a chore, you should not think that there is nothing out there for you.  Trust your measurement and know your body.

Happy Shopping!!!!

One of my Favorite Vintage Dresses.  The tag said size 16.  The waist measurement fit me perfectly and the skirt gave my hips enough room without any restrictions. 

30PlusStyle:The Swimsuit Edition

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Deep Breathe, because this is the moment of truth for every woman. No matter her shape, age, ethnicity or style preference......THE SWIMSUIT!

I have to tell you, when I first saw this in the email, I was mortified, seriously scared out my mind.  I researched every plus size blogger out there wearing a bikini; GabiFreshGarner Style and of course, The Curvy Fashionista, who by the way is #30PlusStyle First Guest Blogger.  I feel so honored to have her share this moment with us.  I am so hoping to meet her one day in my lifetime. 

Please make sure you check out our post with Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista

Now for the Swimsuit!!!
 I picked the Bombshell High Waist Bikini by Forever 21 Plus in Yellow ( My Favorite Color)!

I wanted to start with an easy day on the beach look first.  
Vintage Pleated Skirt| Thrifted   Bombshell Bikini|  Forever 21Plus  Shoes (Bandalino) |Marshalls  Handbag|Thrift  Bangles|Various  Sunnies|Vintage -Thrift

Now for a little more skin.

With all this excitement going on my nervous became a mess, I know I went through the Seven Stages of Death and no one was dying, well there was this "girl" who was still hanging out in my mind.  As the days closed in on me, I think acceptance overcame the rest of the insecurities and self love pushed me over to complete my body acceptance journey.  

The scariest thing about this post was my over thinking on how others will view this milestone in my life. "Frankly, My Dears, I don't give a damn". I have always had these hips, #mythighstouch, #mykneesknock and Madam Tuckus a.k.a my bottom is plump. 

In my 38 years of life, I have been fat shamed and I have been a big girl loved, in the end I only know one true life lesson.
 Be Good to Yourself First, So Others Know How to be Good to You. 

To Thine Own Self Be True
                        ~William Shakespeare

And Check Out the Rest of #30PlusStyle featuring The Curvy Fashionista


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