Vintage Friday: New Vintage!!


I don't know about you, but I'm happy to see the weekend and patiently waiting to break summer in properly. Now for a bit of news,  every Friday for the month of June, I will be running a weekly series called, "Vintage Friday".  In this series, I will cover topics like:  My Favorite Vintage Finds, Shopping Tips,  Understanding Vintage Sizing for Regular and Plus Size and Styling Your Vintage. Because I'm constantly getting communications regarding my vintage outfits, I thought I would share some of my secrets. Honestly, I hate saying, "it's one of a kind because it's vintage", but this is a true statement.  Vintage items are true pieces from their period in time, many of them are not in mass production anymore.  I can say, there is real craftsmanship in true vintage pieces.  Some have lasted for decades or centuries. I have pieces circa 70's that look better than something I bought a year ago and that is what also makes me love vintage so much.  

I hope this series enlightens, educates and encourages you to explore vintage, if you haven't done so already....Enjoy!
If you ave questions, comments or suggestions, please let  me know.


You can also find her on instagram @prettyworkzthrift

This week I want to say Thank you to a lovely lady who has some really great pieces other than Pretty Plus Pep Vintage (shameless plug I know), but please meet Prettyworkzthrift.  I honestly love showing love to other vintage owners, I love all my pieces and I know how great it is to get high on your vintage supply and then send it somewhere new for more love.  Above is the piece I purchased, The Big Azz Shirt, A over-sized, beautifully made gauze top that can survive as a swimsuit coverup, big ass top ( like she did) or in my case......Pair with some White Jeggings (my biggest fear), Sexy Black Sandals and just enough Pepper. With that you have a great Summer Night Out outfit.

Yes, you see all my thighs in these white jeggings. Any of my friends can tell you that I am tackling a person struggle with these thighs and

Even the buttons are fun. Honestly, I can't leave the house without 3-5 bangles. 

I love the motif design of the Cleopatra.  

Top: Vintage| Prettyworkzthrift 
Jeggings: Rainbow
Clutch: Vintage
Accessories: TJMaxx, Thrift
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  1. So, you look GREAT! I LOVE this top and how you styled it is perfect. I'd SO wear this. Happy Friday!


  2. You look great! My favorite type of outfit--big shirt and leggings. (I sometimes wear knee length shapewear under my leggings and clingy clothes).

  3. Pepperrr!!! Thank you so much ! I appreciate this & your purchase! ! I love when my clients wear my pieces better than me !! GOD BLESS