Wearing Your Vintage: Vintage Styling

Last week, we talked about vintage sizing and shopping.  Now, that you have popped them tags at the local thrift store let's get to the fun part.   The absolute best part about vintage for me is just wondering the life this piece had prior to entering my crazy world.  In order for these garments to stand the test of time, someone had to love it.  I mean have you ever wondered why vintage items remain as vibrant and bright as something hanging in the department store right now? Materials and construction have a lot to do with this, items produced years ago were of high quality, durable, vibrant fabric. Polyester never had it so good, but seriously decades ago fabrics were treated beautifully and many items were produced right  here in the USA.

Now, I could bore you for hours talking about vintage but I know your here for the clothing and tips. All item in this post are available for sale.

1)  Vintage Blazers are always a great score! A great vintage blazer in a vibrant color can be mixed in any wardrobe to add a extra pizazz.

2) When wearing a vintage dress, let this beauty shine.  Play up the retro vibe and add your latest and greatest heel.  The vibe of this dress below was very,  Elvira Hancock ( Michelle Pfiffer played that one). .

3) GO SHEER!!!!!! Vintage would not be vintage if there was not a moment of sheer madness.  I am not sure what the weather was like, but the thin material was a favorite for many items  from the 60-70's.  Wear very pretty underwear, if you understand.

4) The day dress is the greatest vintage item for every girl.  This item is usually in a great playful style and color.  Make it pop more by adding a extra kick.

5) If the Sequin Tunic is long enough......wear it as a dress.  Most vintage tunics length go past the hips, so throw on some short shorts and heels.

6) A crop top will make it all better. Really...It does.

7) Go Classic Beauty.  Some vintage needs no work just a bun and a pair of pumps and you will knock them dead.

8) Have Fun!!!!!! Mix a Graphic Tee with a vintage blazer and camo pants.  It's a fresh approach and far away from the full vintage on vintage look.

9) Wear it well.

10) Find your Vintage Muse.  My two vintage muses are Chaka Khan and Diana Ross.

As I have said before, Vintage is Fun, Functional, Trendy and Chic.  It can elevate your wardrobe to great heights.
All items Available online.  

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