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In Love with a Wiggle Dress from Yours ClothingUK

Friday, August 19, 2016
This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hey Pretty Girls!

I know I’ve been away for a minute, but I was getting adjusted to some life roles and with that getting some new things up and started with special projects coming in the late fall and other fun stuff. I feel this way about fashion as well, I feel as trends come and go with new fresh silhouettes and styles, classics are sent to the back to sit and gather vintage dust until time to comeback. For instance, the return of the wiggle dress, a classic dress design from the late 40’s,50’s and 60’s worn by bombshells like Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. I've been in love with the design of the wiggle dress since I was a little girl, so I had to grab up this Orange Kimono Style Midi Dress With Split Front & Panel Detail from Yours Clothing. It’s the perfect “wiggle” style dress for the season.

Because I’m a vintage lover and fan of all fashion inspiration, I must give a little background on the Wiggle Dress. The dress received its name based off its design, the width of the hem of the wiggle dress is narrower than the hips. This narrowness keeps your legs close together at the knees, causing the 'Wiggle' when you walk. Funny-right? Many women wore this dress to a perfect fit to enhance their curves. When I chose this dress, I decided to go up a size, so instead of my normal 20-22, I ordered a 24 for more room and a real kimono style look.  The result…I absolutely love this dress. Can’t you tell.

I love bright colors and orange is just the color for my melanin. Plus, I wanted to wear this dress is full wiggle status so strappy lace up sandals and structured tote completed the look. The African necklace was a gift from a friend and super old, I just keep restringing it myself.  

If you love this dress as much as I do it's on sale now at Yours Clothing.

Want More Colors! 
Check out my 

Until Next Time!!

A Girl and Jumpsuit: The Harem Jumpsuit from Debshops

Monday, August 8, 2016
So there're a couple things in my wardrobe that I always need. Along with the essentials on everyone list like jeans, black blazer and white shirt, I have a thing for jumpsuits and rompers. If you didn’t know , I actually was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to jumpsuits. It was more about overcoming my fears of these thighs in a one piece and just like any other time I’ve overcome something, I embrace it enough to add it to my going list of things love to wear. In others, my name is Pepper and I'm a plus girl who loves jumpsuits

Now that I have proclaimed my love for jumpsuits, I still have areas of design that I still work on, one being harem pants. I really can’t describe the concept behind the design of harem pants, but I do appreciate it. So when Debshops reached out to me to try an item from the summer collection I knew I wanted to find a jumpsuit I could see myself working several ways into my wardrobe. This Plus Size Waist Strap Harem Jumpsuit from fits my jumpsuit criteria easily with the extremely wide leg fit mixed with a slouchy design filled with draping. You just play around with it to create all new vibes in your pieces. I had a change to mix it up a couple of ways for a evening out both dressed up and causally. 

Get the Jumpsuit Here

Still comfortable and extremely playful, the perfect combo for evening out fashion. 

How would you wear it?  Make sure you check out my Instagram to see the other way I wore it. 

See ya next time!


About These Pants: Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Straight-Leg Tie-Front Pant Three Ways

Monday, August 1, 2016
As you may know, I have bit of problematic blessing with my body when it comes to finding pants. The issue lays within these 57”thighs. Finding pants to compliment my “bottom heavy” frame can sometimes leave me feeling a little heart broken, but this doesn’t last long because I love my thighs so I get over it immediately. But seriously, I just want cute pants for these thighs. So when the team from Melissa McCarthySeven 7 reached out to me about reviewing on some of the pieces from the Summer 16 collection, I had to check out the Straight-LegTie-Front Pant in Dazzling Blue.
Of course, I’m not alone, many women who are “bottom heavy” have a hard time finding pants that fit. And while plus size brands have expanded their product line to include sizes that go up to size 28 in some stores and online, fit is still key. This is what has made me fall in love with these pants and well this beautiful shade of blue also encouraged my infatuation. 

If you know me by now, you know I’m a huge fan of the wardrobe versatility. In order to acquire quality pieces to your wardrobe, you must see the versatility in each item. So while these pants are over $50 bucks, I can wear my Straight-Leg Tie-Front Pant several ways for any occasion in life. 
Here are Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Straight-Leg Tie-Front Pants Styled Three Ways for Summer Inspiration

For Work

These Dazzleing Blue pants are great to wear all year and especially during the summer time when our your look requires pops of color.  Paired with the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Open-Front Blazer in black, the work day never looked or felt so good.

So About These Pants...Fit Note
The semi fitted design of the pants just works any woman size Small to 3X need that extra room in the hip and thigh area.  And this fabric!!!My thighs are the first to say "Oh No" to anything in the crepe material family, but somehow the design team of Melissa McCarthy found the perfect fabric for the well endowed.  I was actually doing squats in these pants (Sorry no pictures). Plus they are machine washable and perfect for travel,  plus they come in fuchsia and black. I'm wearing size 3x.

The blazer felt the same way. Perfect for these fun pantsfor work and dressed down with some jeans for the weekend. It also came in the beautiful shade of dazzling blue. I highly recommend adding these to your closet! #Thickthighsapproved
For Drinks

Paired with a beautiful and fun printed top from City Chic (last year) similar, this look screams after hours cocktails or some other mid summer function.

For Weekend

This look says one thing, "Take me to Mykonos". This greek island vibe of blue with crisp white has the weekend all over it. I paired the pants with a top from The Loft (last year) See Similar.

Which look is your favorite? Get the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Straight-Leg Tie-Front Pant now on sale at

There were so many versatile pieces to choose from in the Melissa McCarthy Seven 7 collection. Each with the ability to elevate your  summer wardrobe and take you into fall with ease. You can read about my summer picks from the collection on 

See ya next time.


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