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Colorful Rain Wear

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Have you ever wondered how to be stylish is rainy weather?  On rainy days,  I would just feel like why bother to wear a bright color?  The rain is going to ruin my mood, slow me down and mess up my look.  The more I got into creating my style, I changed my perception of rainy days and fought back with creating rain friendly outfits like this one.  A colorful raincoat is a great addition to your spring wardrobe.  I got this jacket about 4 years ago at a discount coat and leather shop.  The colors drew me in, later I passed to coat on to my mom and she has taken excellent care of it since. Now that I am back in Alabama, I figure why not shop here closet like I use to growing up and TADA!!! Don't Judge Me! Paired with a great silk top and pant leggings and pumps, I can handle a little rain in this. 

These pics are darker due to camera setting experimentation  

I felt some more raindrops.  God Bless Nappy Hair

Coat: Henig Liquation Center-Montgomery, AL
Top: JCP (old)
Pants: TJMaxx (old)
Shoes: Dillard- Jessica Simpson
Handbag: Belk's

On serious note,  Please be safe during this active storm season.


Yellow: My Happy Color

Thursday, April 24, 2014
 I thought I should have a little fun today.  Show Lady spring how much I missed her and appreciate her joyous return.  

 Now a small break down of this ensemble: Everything is old except the shoes, but please don't let this stop your inspiration.  You don't have to match the outfit to capture the style.  Make it your own. This screams my personality in so many ways. It's  fun, bright, playful, sexy, old school and classy, SEE ME! :) 

 If I was married, I would be playing hookie with the husband in this one ( claiming it). 
Anywho, take the inspiration of this outfit and go with it!  Please tag me, if you do! 

Have a Great Day!

The blazer was a thrifting find and the top is Target circa 2010.
My Torrid Jeans  are still online and in stores.

Now my shoes are the Sebastian Women's Pointy Wedge Pump in Citron.
Normally $400.00 at Lord and Taylor, I got mine on ebay for get this $20.00.
New, Never worn, In the Box  and With the travel bag!

I simple love Yellow!  It is my happy, go to color whenever I am feeling down.  
Completely complimenting my chocolate complexion and putting a smile on my face, it makes my day to wear this color.

Nerdy Talk: Love for a Geek

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
If you are following any of my social networking pages, you know by now I have a serious soft spot for geeks and nerds.  I love them!  They make my day and to be honest, I am a bit of a geek or nerd myself in my daytime life and my spare time. I am learning to code and this is some challenging stuff,  but watch out lord of the geeks, I'm coming for you.

Back to the clothes.

This outfit is another homage to the geek, I think I have about five shirts that embrace the geek life and I love it.  This tee was a gift from a friend, it spoke to me. As for the skirt,  I have to admit I was a little late on the The Cut collection for Evans and I am UPSET at myself for missing this great collection, but I did get this cool skirt. The techic accents was perfect from designer Rebecca Partington.  The fabric is a little stiffer than what I prefer, but I think I will put it up for cooler weather.  For now, I will pair it with my favorite tee and have a little fun.

This is the perfect tee

Earring from Hoops and Dangles

So many colors to choose from, I have Black and Lilac so far.

Outfit Deets
Blazer: Target ON CLEARANCE!
Tee: Custom in Tee Shop in Atlanta, GA
Skirt: Evans The Cut Collection (Here)
Shoes: Unisa

As always, Thank for stopping by!


Blog Inspiration: Living Art

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This year I decided to blog from pure inspiration, taking every moment, fashion risks and make it part of my style. This blog inspiration comes from my fellow 30PlusStyle Blogger, Nefferth Bernadina aka Mode Plus.  I was style stalking her on Instagram last week and came across her illustration.  First, I fell in love with the big stripes, then the figure flattering concept of a body con ( I am addicted to bodycons, just a confession) and I had to bring this creation to life.  

Inspiration is truly all around you, take a piece and add it to your wardrobe.

Yes, I need to pose like the drawing. 

Had to wear a coat this morning.  Mother nature on some real stuff with this cold weather in April.

I would love to tell you that I found this dress somewhere, but it is actually 2 pieces  I found at Old  Navy and Target and this is from the mainstream Women section, not Plus.  So don;t think you can't wear it if it is not in your sections. This is a match perfectly right?!?! Go Figure.

Outfit Details
Top: Old navy (here) XL
Bottom: Target (here)XXL
Clutch: Vintage
Bangles/ Necklac: Vintage/ Forever 21
Shoes: Unisa (Shoe Station)
Coat: Burlington Coat factory

Thanks for stopping by!


Tails of a Tutu!!!! Another Curvy Women 30 Plus Styles Collaboration

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
 The Curvy Women are back!!!! Yes and this time we show you our take on the tutu or tulle skirt trend. I have been in love with the tulle skirt from the moment I saw Carrie Bradshaw twirling around Paris in Sex in the City series finale.   My take on the tutu was to have it soft, flowy and long with a little edge.  I had mine made from my own design, my seamstress did a awesome job and the open front was all her.  I though it was a little risky but once mixed with my lace top and leggings, I felt gorgeous, fun and flirty. 

Scrap Material on a clutch and close with my broach from Hoops and Dangles

 Top: Bisou Bisou - JCPenny
Skirt: Made to Order
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Tahari - DSW
Handbag Pin: Hoops and Dangles

Click the links below to see how the rest of my collaboration team styled their tutus and look for us on Instagram, #30plusstyle!

Thanks for stopping by!

Baby Steps to mixing prints

Thursday, April 3, 2014
After this week post of the mixed print suit, many of you expressed how you need to do this in baby steps. 

Here is another option for print on print that is not to overwhelming.

Just take the same top and blazer and pair it with a solid color bottom.  

Remember Have Fun and Be Bold!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014
As you may now know, I love to mix prints. The thought of going into my closet and creating an outfit that is both visually pleasing and fashionable artwork that inspires other style mavens is truly what this is all about.

And the one question I always ask myself when mixing a print is: 

You really can't deny that her love affair with mixing prints is impeccable.  She gives you everything! Fun, Spunk, Style, Class and Individuality. Qualities we all seek when creating our wardrobe palette to display to the world, but there are some tips available and this week  I will show you the best ways to show some print and respect the curves.   

1.     Make sure one color repeats in every piece of the outfit (for example, navy paisley with navy, red, and white plaid).

This paisley print pant suit is from Evan Picone.  The color palette has hues of dazzling blue, fuchsia, black, gold and white. 

2.     Avoid three. I always suggest limiting your mixing to two patterns. You don’t want to go overboard. If your look calls for a third piece, go with a white blouse or a simple cardigan to tone down your prints.

3. HAVE FUN! Be Confident in your style and show it off.

Outfit Details
Suit: Evan Picone - Dillard's Outlet (I am very cheap) 
Top: JCP
Shoes: Unisa- Shoe Station
Handbag: Belk's

Still wonder why I was walking on my tippy toes.
Tomorrow: Printed Pants just in time for Spring!

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