As you may now know, I love to mix prints. The thought of going into my closet and creating an outfit that is both visually pleasing and fashionable artwork that inspires other style mavens is truly what this is all about.

And the one question I always ask myself when mixing a print is: 

You really can't deny that her love affair with mixing prints is impeccable.  She gives you everything! Fun, Spunk, Style, Class and Individuality. Qualities we all seek when creating our wardrobe palette to display to the world, but there are some tips available and this week  I will show you the best ways to show some print and respect the curves.   

1.     Make sure one color repeats in every piece of the outfit (for example, navy paisley with navy, red, and white plaid).

This paisley print pant suit is from Evan Picone.  The color palette has hues of dazzling blue, fuchsia, black, gold and white. 

2.     Avoid three. I always suggest limiting your mixing to two patterns. You don’t want to go overboard. If your look calls for a third piece, go with a white blouse or a simple cardigan to tone down your prints.

3. HAVE FUN! Be Confident in your style and show it off.

Outfit Details
Suit: Evan Picone - Dillard's Outlet (I am very cheap) 
Top: JCP
Shoes: Unisa- Shoe Station
Handbag: Belk's

Still wonder why I was walking on my tippy toes.
Tomorrow: Printed Pants just in time for Spring!

What's your opinion?

  1. Wow, you went with the queen of mixing prints and color. I love your take on it. I can see you remixing this suit in the future too.