My Favorite Combo: Stripes and Leopard!

So let's just get it out there and say it. Yes, My name is Pepper and I am a huge fan of leopard and stripes, but when you combine the two to make a Leopard/Stripe print outfit.........I am a Fanatic!


With that being said, "with great power comes great responsibility"( comic junkie).  I personally feel this rule has to apply when pairing these prints together.  The wisest choice you can ever make is the perfect shade of red, although I have seen this look pulled off nicely with fuchsia as well. 

Either way no matter what color you choose, BE CONFIDENT in the strides you take when wearing this because on lookers will stare. Just glance back, flash a smile and leave them wondering.........If they can pull if off too.  


Jacket: Dillard's Outlet Evan Picone | Shirt: Old Navy | Pants: TJMaxx Nine West Skinny Ponte Jeans| Shoes: Unisa
Accessories: Thrift
Clutch: Hand me down from aunt
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What's your opinion?

  1. Love the mix of stripes and leopard! Your aunt's hand me downs are the deal!

    1. Joi, I want to live in her closet. She the one hoarder I LOVE!!!! lol

  2. I am literally swooning over your style! I love anything animal print with leopard being my favorite. You wouldn't believe me if I told you so you have to see for yourself. Please check out my latest blog post entitled Snow Leopard. I would love your input. Here's a link :)


    1. Awww Thank you. You black and white outfit was fabulous and I love your blog layout. I have learn how you get the buttons under each post please share, email me at pepper,

  3. Ummm run me that blazer Martin!!! I love it!!!

    1. We really need to get this swap thing happening Hosey!