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Monday, March 17, 2014
Sooooo last week, we saluted Pi Day for the great minds out there!! That's right, I have a sweet, soft spot for nerds, geeks, comic junkie and techie head.  I also took a trip down memory lane to visit my junior high school, which is now a technical school shaping the minds of our future pi lovers (cue "Ironic")
It was only perfect to do my shoot from this location.

With that being said, a little Vintage Geek because GEEK IS SEXY

 Nerd Shirt: JCP | Jeans: Lane Bryant| Jacket: Thrifted| Bag: Belk's | Shoes: JSimpson

The jacket was a great thrift shop find, only $2.50!

 I wish I could provide more links to my pieces, but I shop all over the place. The true joy of inspiration it to make it you own style and rock it out!  You may not find my exact pieces, but you will be inspired. 

4 comments on "Geek Girl's Dream"
  1. Love this look. .you inspired me with the tweed jacket and I picked up one today (thrifted of course)

    1. YAY DELIA!!! My closet is full of jackets and blazer. They just complete the outfit to me. Thanks for the love!


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