Colorful Rain Wear

Have you ever wondered how to be stylish is rainy weather?  On rainy days,  I would just feel like why bother to wear a bright color?  The rain is going to ruin my mood, slow me down and mess up my look.  The more I got into creating my style, I changed my perception of rainy days and fought back with creating rain friendly outfits like this one.  A colorful raincoat is a great addition to your spring wardrobe.  I got this jacket about 4 years ago at a discount coat and leather shop.  The colors drew me in, later I passed to coat on to my mom and she has taken excellent care of it since. Now that I am back in Alabama, I figure why not shop here closet like I use to growing up and TADA!!! Don't Judge Me! Paired with a great silk top and pant leggings and pumps, I can handle a little rain in this. 

These pics are darker due to camera setting experimentation  

I felt some more raindrops.  God Bless Nappy Hair

Coat: Henig Liquation Center-Montgomery, AL
Top: JCP (old)
Pants: TJMaxx (old)
Shoes: Dillard- Jessica Simpson
Handbag: Belk's

On serious note,  Please be safe during this active storm season.


What's your opinion?

  1. Rainy days make me feel so blah, lol. You look great! Love the pops of color, as well as your bag. Great look!


    1. Thank You Whitney! I use to feel the same way...blahhhhhhhhh. lol. And I am a huge fan of your blog. Great stuff and inspiration.