30 PlusStyle: Cutting It Short

HAPPY MONDAY LUVS!!!!! We're back with another installment of  #30PlusStyle.  This time we cut it short with our favorite looks with shorts.  I must admit, I rarely....rarely wear shorts and I was going to challenge myself this summer by adding them to my wardrobe and seeing where it takes me.  For this challenge, I went with this summer's trend of  Kimonos and Shorts.  I love the great bohemian vibe it's playing out on the fashion scene right now and so far I've collected about four great kimonos that are great coverage  pieces and stylish. 
I hope you like! 

        There is something about the boho look that screams ease and effortless to me.

My Kimono is a 100% Silk Tommy Bahamas Robe that retails for about $100,  but I got it for $6.99 at the local Goodwill.  Also this robe is a size S/M and fits perfectly, I didn't have a need to close it.  The Owl tee is part of my graphic tee collection.  I picked it up at the local Burke store for $5.99.  The shorts are from the Lee's No Gap collection. A great short for ladies with extended bottom like myself.  They come with a high waist fit and little to no riding in the inner thigh (just so you know).  I got theses about a year ago from Walmart for $12.99.  The great addition to this ensemble are my Nude Strappy babies by Tahari.  The heel is a great height for me plus comfort and style are added benefits to this summer style staple. 

Outfit Details
Kimono/Robe: Thrifted- Check out the Sleepwear section
Tee: Burke's
Shorts: Old
Shoes: Tahari-DSW

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What's your opinion?

  1. I love the kimono; what a great find! And I love the styling as well. I am definitely going to have to give this a shot!

    1. Thanks Gracey!!! I know you will do this justice!

  2. Totally wowed by the re-purpose idea for the robe- rock on!

  3. I love the robe! You look so adorable!!! I love your entire look.

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