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Happy Friday Dolls!!!! It's truly been a long week, but a wonderful weekend is on the horizons.

Let Talk Summer Trends!

This summer I've been pushing myself to face my fashion fears. First there was the bikini, (see here), then shorts (see here) and now,  "The Jumpsuit".  The jumpsuit trends for plus size girls has taken my fashion world by surprise.   I have to admit,  I wasn't a fan of the adult oneies, as I call it.  I even expressed this jumpsuit fear with a friend and one day while on an excursion with her we stop at  Fashion to Figure and came across this beauty.

Plus Size Pacific Geo Jumper | Fashion To Figure
Plus Size Pacific Geo Jumper | Fashion To Figure 
Sorry to say this is no longer on the site, it really is a great jumpsuit but continue to check them out for other styles.

I tried on four different jumpsuits and this is the one I chose, it seemed to have all the great style elements I focus on when shopping.

  1. Color-An Awesome Melon/ Orange color which is perfect for my deep bronze golden complexion.  
  2. Material- A great soft Jersey material that stretches and molds itself to every curvy and drapes with a smooth finish.
  3. Length- Not too short nor too long. Perfect for heels and sandal. 
  4. Work Appropriate- Anytime I can add a blazer to a piece and make it  part of my corporate wear, I feel like I just got a Two for One deal. Winning!!! Right?

Jumpsuit: Fashion to Figure
Vest: It's Fashion Metro
Shoes: DSW
Handbag and Accessories: Thrifted and Vintage 

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