Dress Me in Navy featuring LUXEMODE Curves

I seem to have a thing for the color navy in the fall. Although I’m not quite sure what is it about this traditional color that makes me feel this way-I just do. When I do happen to wear navy,I fell rather authoritative may I even dare say ”bossy”. And I’m okay with this especially whenI wearing something as demanding and commanding as this off the shoulder button down dress from LUXEMODE Curve Collection. This dress is perfect for both the day and night. For the day dress it up with a lightweight trench and for after-hours drinks or social occasion wear as is baring your shoulders of confidence and curves. How would you wear it?

I'm wearing size 3XL for my regular dress size of 22/24. The dress is a perfect fit. 

And because many of you have asked about my foundation, I'm wearing my favorite
They control everything from my tummy to my tuckus!

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