Shirtdress Style with Foxcroft

A couple weeks ago,I shared my super cute polka dot shirt also from Foxcroft and today I decide to dress down to show off this really cute shirtdress style just for the weekend. Now there aren’t many styles I shy away from when it comes to fashion, but the shirtdress is a fashion piece I do side eye on the regular. I have told you all time and time again because my 60”thighs (I’ve gained weight) won’t let me be great- some piece needs a little creative. Like this perfect Tencel Shirtdress from Foxcoft.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good shirtdress and the many wardrobe options it offers my lifestyle. I like wearing them as a dusters or light jackets over my skirts and dresses and even with pants or work wear. And when paired with leggings, it makes the perfect tunic for a weekend outing. Of course, I could just let these thighs go free and wear it without leggings like my blogger boo , The Real Sample size always suggest,  but I’m not there yet. Yes this coming from the girls who loves a good swimsuit. Maybe one day I will unleash these thighs but for now footless leggings from Sonsee and the Perect Tencel Shirtdress from Foxcroft it is. 

This dress is incredibly soft and perfect for the transitioning weather

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How do you wear your shirtdress? Tell Me!!

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