Trend to Try: Althleisure- Featuring LUXEMODE CURVES

Every now and then you come across a trend or two that you’re just now sure will be your thing. It maybe in the styling of the look, something was completely out of on the look or even seeing the look on someone not your size (I’m very guilty of this). For me, the athleisure is one of those trends, I’ve watched from a distance not true if it is for me, but still very curious to try and find out. With pieces from the LUXEMODE NEW CURVES COLLECTION, I took a swing at athleisure. 

I decide to get into the trend with three pieces from
The Trench style vest
The OOTD Sleeve tee
Printed lightweight joggers

All three pieces have a easy fit to them  The sleeveless tee is very loose and should be worn with a cami, while the vest and pants had a perfect fit. 

Athleisure isn't an excuse to look sloppy though. It is about spicing up the traditional sport wear and making it look stylish.

I was already a huge fan of graphic tee shirts, this trend just gives me more reason to add more to my collection. 

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