Style Inspiration: I Get It from My Mommy

Meet the lady behind my love for fashion, My Mommy.  As far back as I can remember she has always stressed the importance of looking and feeling like a lady.  I wore lace dresses on special occasions, my closets always had pink sweaters, shirts and skirts and my skirts and dresses always came to my knees. I was always a well dressed girl.  There have been times when I was rebellious to these rules,  but I am happy to say, I've always return to her teachings and everyday I understand her Southern Belle style more and more. I find myself looking in her closet for pieces to finish my outfits now.

For example last week, she wore this great blazer from Belk's Crown & Ivy Collection.  
The blazer retail for $99.00,  but we got it for $34.98; Yes folks she taught me how to shop on a budget also. 

This Navy/White blazer has a crisp white ribbon trim that looks so perfect for summer. 
 I had to copy her look, but with my spin on it...... of course. 

Mom wore a clean white crepe skirt with a white shell and silver sandals and accessories.
I decided to go with white shorts and tank, strappy nude sandals and vintage handbag with gold accent pieces. 

Now, I wont get a mad if you say she wore it better.  I kinda of think so to.

Blazer: Belk's Crown and Ivy Collection
Tank: Target
Shorts: Dillard's
Shoes: DSW
Accessories: Vintage and Thrift

What's your opinion?

  1. lol - when I saw the pic of you, I said to myself, I prefer your mom's look (I'm closer to her age), then I scrolled down to where you wrote "Now, I wont get mad if you say she wore it better. I kinda of think so to". Then I laughed.