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Good Morning Dolls!!!

It's time again for the ladies of 30PlusStyle to explore the wonderful world of fashion and give you a look into what's trending.  RIGHT NOW: Dresses over Pants or Skirts over Pants is currently a look that has come back on the scene. You remember the semi grunge look of the 90's? It's back with a little glamour.

  Recently Beyonce gave the popular 90's trend a refresh with her look below. 

And Emma Watson gave it not one, but two opportunities to be great on the red carpet.

   (SIGH) Needless to say that although I love both looks on these ladies, some trends aren't for us girls with a little more loving to spread.   I decided to give you my best options to tackle current trends even when they're far away from your comfort zone. 

Left: Sheer Dress over Leopard soft pants with lace bra.  Right: Fit and Flare Dress with Ponte Pants.

  I first must admit, this is FAR from my comfort zones and I think I tried about ten options to "Make It Work",in my Tim Gunn voice.  I actually attempted one with pictures and decided just last week, I hated the look; It wasn't my best to date. For some this look may be perfect for you and that is why I am sharing it,  but I felt the dress made me look extremely heavy and it didn't make me smile. 

Now, my second look gave me a glimmer of happiness and I wanted to share it with everyone!!!!

This CUTE, AFFORDABLE and ON TREND LOOK made me a very happy girl.  The dress is from the Missy section of It's Fashion. At a size XL this cute fit and flare with a deep V front stopped mid thigh on me and well......my hips did the rest.  I felt fun, flirty and sexy in this little number.  It would make a great date night outfit with your beau.  

To begin shopping for this look start by looking in the regular or mainsteam section of your favorite stores for fit and flare dresses. Most will stop mid thigh on you and let the curves take over. Pair with an ponte pant or jean that stops at the ankle and throw on some heels.  They say the higher the better, I say go for a comfortable height.

Top: It's Fashion| Pants: Jones New York-TJMaxx| Bag: Charming Charlies| Shoes: Unisa

Remember every trend may not work for your body, the vision or inspiration may also be off.  Just have fun and be creative. EVERY TREND IS NOT GOING TO BE GREAT!
Being silly can also help.

Yes!  This look made me Smile!!!

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What's your opinion?

  1. Lovely Looks! I love tunics/short dresses paired with leggings or skinny pants.

  2. Cute look Pepsi!!! I totally should have bought this tunic too! You made it werk!!!

    1. Go back and get it. It is such a great item.

  3. the difference in your facial expression on both looks really speaks volumes. I can tell u didn't like the first look. Both are cute looks!

    1. Girl, I swore I was a real housewife of Dubai. I was not happy in the first look.

  4. I agree Pepper! Wear what makes YOU smile. Always!! Still think your stripes version looks very cute. A hint of parisian meets nautical. Xx

    1. Thanks Nef! I like the stripe way better also.

  5. Very well done Pepper!! The stripes are so cute & I <3 the slim fit pants! This challenge took me outside of my comfort zone as well, but I was actually pleasantly surprised! I loved it!!