What a Lovely Moo Moo

I am simply in love with how  The Art of Thriftiness has become the new thing.  At first I was upset because all the plus size inventory at the good places  was slimming down but to be honest it's a great way to rebuild a community so "THRIFT AND BE MERRY".   I have been shopping this way for about 10 years at flea markets, estate sales, yard sales and every nook and cranny out there.  My job really puts me in the position to find some "honey holes". Here is one of my great finds.

This beautiful crinkle tropical green patio lounger a.k.a grandma's moomoo is wonderfully light.  The sleeves are the perfect flutter to hide imperfections, the length is right at the knee :) and with a cinch of my trusty brown belt.....VOILA!!! This ole girl ain't what she use to be!  Great for a breezy Florida day. 

Outfit Logistic
Dress: Thrift $2.00
Handbag: Free and Vintage! 
Earrings: Jessica Simpson $17.00

What's your opinion?