Double Duty Wardrobe

Like most working women we are always in search of finding just the right day and night combo outfit.  I sometimes find myself being invited to after hours functions on the city side when I resided on the beach side.  A great ensembles that can pull “double duty” is the way to go for me.  That is what I love about this dress it has all the great dress elements; color, fit and very flirty.  It works well for work and I can dress it up for night.  The fabric is awesome for FL humidity and heat. A nice cool blazer dresses it up for work;  while a wrap belt, patent bag and  faithful Bandolino dress wedges make me ready for drinks in the city.  

I can't thank my wonderful photographer Natalie of Through My Eyes photography.  YOU ARE AWWWESOME in my Barney voice of course.

Ensemble Logistics

Dress- Ross- $19.99

Jacket: JCPenny Worthington circa 2003
Jewelry: World Market- Clearance $12.00
Shoes: Marshall's Bandolino $39.00 circa 2010

Wrap Belt: Ashley Stewart circa 2009
Necklace: Dillards $17.00
Handbag: Thrift $2.00 
Shoes: Marshall's Bandolino $34.00 circa 2010


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