FALL in My Closet Haul 2012

I have to say,  I am on a style journey to look like the pages of Instyle, Essence or Style Watch magazines.  A young woman working on her next great career move and not trying to spend my savings on a handbag, unless it 60% off.  I admit I love a great sale, find, thrift and bargain.  I love it even more when I find all this under $50 or free!  Yes,  I said it “free!"  Did you know thousands of dollars of great fashion is right in your closet, somewhere in the deep dark corners, tucked away in a box and hiding out at your parent’s house?  Trends are always revolving, what was once "old" is now "on trend".  

Confession time- I think of myself as a “baby fashion hoarder” just don’t tell anybody.   But really when was the last time you really when through your closet?  If you have been working on you body like me then you should have a box I like to call "Never Gonna Give it Up".  Here is the challenge and believe me it is easy and cash savings: take your favorite fall fashion magazine- This weekend I picked Style Watch Fall Preview and I went through the pages of what's on trend.  I went to the dark unknown places in my closet and came out sweating with some good stuff. 

Now go to those hiding places in your closets and look through those pieces, find anything interesting????  I am sure you did.  

Here is just  some of things I found and I haven’t hit the mall yet!

Vince Camuto Fall 2012 Click Link for site

In my closet- Lane Bryant circa 2009

Magaschoni $450 Click link for site

Anything Brocade

In my closet-  Purple Sheath - Jones New York Outlet- $59
Black Brocade jacket- Target circa 2009

I think I found about 30 very good pieces in the my current closet that will help take me into fall without hurting my purse strings,  "Luxe for Less" :).  The finds included a gold and silver blazer, jade tops, prints skirts and some cat's meow-animal print of course.  

Let me know how your FALL in my Closet Haul went.  I would love to see what you found.

What's your opinion?