Bee and Pep Fall Trends- Plaid

Plaid has always been a pattern of mixed emotions for me. I can't help to think it's specifically for the outdoors, but over time plaid has become a closet essential with various roles to play in my world. You spot plaid in dresses, shoes, pants, and more. It's not just for shirts anymore. All the major plus size brands sell the pattern in various iterations. There’s a good chance a few plaid pieces are hanging in your closet right now.

For me, a great plaid scarf just does it. The possibilities are endless with a great plaid scarf.  So today, I decide to work plaid for a winter day with the tones of grey and cream to highlight the shimmers of silver and gold.

Over the years, I've had my faur share of plaid moments and today I share some of my favorite plaid looks as I join Bianca of CURVACEOUSLY BEE again in another trend to try.

Plus, I share my favorite plaid pieces you should add your closet.

How do you rock plaid?

Interested in adding some plaid to your closet?   See my favorites below!

And check out Bianca of CURVACEOUSLY BEE 

What's your opinion?