Vintage New Year

Good Morning!!! 

Today is my official return to blogging for the New Year.  I was starting to feel like a slacker,  but I have been doing a lot of great things so far for 2015.  I promised myself to be more about building my future and making sound investments in my business/brand. 

 Now in order to do this I have to take a small wardrobe cut, which is okay since I only shop big from Thanksgiving to New Years afterwards it's thrift and flea markets.  Now, I do love shopping my own closet and running into things I haven't seen in years.  

For instance, everything in this post today is either a vintage find or more than 3 years old.  I found all of these items over the Christmas break inside my storage unit from Florida.   I was so excited to go through those boxes and find my clothes.  I felt like I was shopping all over again.  

First, Let me say that I was so geeked when I found my Authentic Vintage Christian Dior Trench, I got this baby in Panama City, FL during a estate sale only $14.99.  I also purchase some old chinaware from the family.  I really didnt pay any attention to the label inside til I got home and when I realized it was Dior, I quickly rushed to the antique store to check it's authenticity.  When the dealer said it was real, a ittle piece inside of me said, "Thank You, Thrift Gods".  Too Much?  

I paired the trench with a vintage Ralph Lauren plaid midi.  The age of the skirt it in between the 80's and early 90's. I love the mix of red, khaki, burgundy, cream and brown in this skirt, it definitely opened my plaid skirt options back up.  I was beginning to get bored with the buffalo and tartan ones.   Although I do have a soft pink one..Remember? Click to see my other vintage beauty.

The chunky knits were definitely missed since I never wore them in Florida, but the vintage shades became my thing while there.  A few of them I had to get the lens replaced because they may have been prescribed and I'm already blind as a bat.  

With the many discoveries that I've found in the storage unit, I'm hoping to do at least 40 posts with item already in my closet.  

Wish me luck!  

Got to get this dream off the ground and running. 

Where to find items like mine?
Trench - Simply Be
Skirt - Eloquii at Nordstroms
Chunky Knit Hat- Top Shop
Shades - Chicnova

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