Casual Friday Layers

Happy Friday!!!! 

So how are your winter layering skills?  The layering trend is pretty huge this season.  It's allowing us to play with textures, materials and design to create warmth and stylish looks not just for the streets, but for the office as well. 

  Now I know the company dress code can sometimes be strict and hard to work around when it comes to Casual Friday.   There's a unique technique to understanding the fundamentals of  this style. Trust me. Once you know the tricks you will  be able to put looks together that reflect your personal style goals in seconds. 

Currently, I'm having the greatest time shopping my closet and creating new looks. I playing with items I completely forgot that I had...I will go to the corner now.

Always remember when wearing jeans at the office, keep the color dark and the design flattering to you shape. 

I layered a silk polka dot button down with a cream peplum for a fun polished looked.

Peacoat: Old Navy| Shirt: Raplh Lauren| Peplum: It's Fashion| Jeans: Bandalino at Belks

Casual Friday and Statement Jewelry go hand in hand. 
I got my lovely interchangeable piece from my local chloe + isabel merchant, Sweet Home Bling .
This necklace is a great piece that will work for you everyday of the week. 

What to Win this Awesome Set?
Stay Tuned Next Week!!!

Need More Inspiration?

Have you checked out my layering tips on The Curvy Fashionista?  

So much more to come. Stay Tuned


What's your opinion?

  1. Hot!! You look fabulous. Love the contrasting colors and those jeans... Yes ma'am very flattering on you. You are working this look something fierce honey yaaassss!!!