EAT PLAY STAY SLAY: What I Wore on Vacation

Hey Luvs,

Did you enjoy the review of the Hyatt ZiliaraRose Hall Resort?  It was a great vacation destination for our friend's getaway.  The best part for me was to finally get a chance to wear all the swimwear, I've been stock piling up on this year.  I never though in a million years, I would be own at least pieces of swimwear and seven are two pieces. Catch  me three years ago or even 10 years when I was 30 pounds lighter and I would have still said I was too big.  This year had been all about loving myself,pushing myself and not really caring about people have to say.  This trip was my "fatgirljourney" and I hope many plus size women take note that you can travel and their are product available to help you do so.

It's really is about loving yourself and seeing what will make you make in order to take more daring steps. I was walking around that resort with my thighs out, booty jiggling and loving it.  Some male staff members had to tell me they loved my confidence and big booty, "It is nice to see a full woman walking around the property" according to the resort bartender,Raoul. And he makes a mean mojito.

I also had a chance to rock my first Gabifresh for Sexy Swim piece, play in the water with my baes in Always For Me and twirl around in my tie dye cover up from Tyrell Holmes of Duke N Dutchess. Yes, It was a great vacation. 

Here is a recap of what and wore and some info on things I packed for easy plus size travel. 

The Always For Me Aztec Summer Zip Plus Size Bikini was perfect on my 22/24 size frame. The cute zipper style of the top let me chose my coverage and the support inside was pretty nice also.  Two of my girlfriends also wore their suits from Always For Me as well. So for the day we enjoyed the sun in our Always for Me suits.  

Shop here for Always For Me and use my special code PEPPER for 30%off!!

That night I mixed up pieces from Eloquii, Lane Bryant and It's Fashion for a sexy Jamaican night look.

So many of you asked about this skirt. This cute faux wrap skirt was a sweet from Eloquii . It's so easy to mix up in your wardrobe. 
Hurry Hurry!! It's on sale now starting under $30.

I also packed two really cute tops to wear over yet another swimsuits from Swimsuitsforall,  I wore my favorite suit, The Diva High Waist twice while on vacation.  The suit has a super high waist that offer a real va va voom moment. I decide on wearing one cute tropic top from Revamped Styles and another from Always For Me, both were super cute with the suit and definitely changed up my look. 
Middle: Get The Diva High Wait Suit Here
Left: Tropical Crop: Sold Out
Right: Always for Me Paprika Sky Plus Cover Up Here

That night I wore a little dress I got from a place called Unclaimed Bagged here in Alabama. The facility is full of items from unclaimed luggage and miscellaneous freight shipments.  Many items are under price so finding a great deal is very easy there. I got this cute dress for $13 bucks.

This was another find that would be hard to locate.  The draping was very similar to several Jibri items I adore. Similar Jibri Dress here.

The last two days were just about being in the sun and getting my melanin up to 100.  I played around poolside in this summer cute piece from Forever 21. I had to print mix my pineapple bikini with my favorite poolside cover up from Atlanta designer, Tyrell Holmes. This tie dye dream is still one of my favorite summer pieces. 
Pineapple Bikini : Forever 21-Sold Out
Similar here and here

Get the TyeDye Coverup from Tyrell Homes

The last look has to be my absolute favorite.  The Baroness suit from the Gabifresh SwimSexy collection from Swimsuitsforall vibed me into all kinds of Queen of the Caribbean action. This tropical background made everything so perfect with this look.  I added a simple duster from Lane Bryant to bring everything together. 

This one piece has a gold exposed zipper that can go lower for a more seductive style or you can just give a little.  The sides have a mesh paneling that gives off the illusion of a high leg cut, I'm sure this works like on a taller frame or if I wore heel but since I'm not that fancy. I will just let you know. 

I order the suit in a 22W from the D/DD selection. I'm not as chesty as I would've like to be for this suit, but I still like it. 

  Get The Suit: here

I honestly miss everything about this place,it was so relaxing and zenful. I'm sure my next journey will give me just as much joy and peacefulness. 

Are you taking a trip soon? What are your essentials on a long journey especially plane rides?  Here are a couple items I can't live without when traveling.

1. Seatbelt Extender- I never leave for a flight without it. It makes buckling up so much easier and you don't have to ask the flight attendant for it. It fits most airlines except Southwest.  Fly comfortable without feeling stuffed in the seat.
2. Rosewater Mist Refresher- You know how you feel completely drained after a flight.  Just a couple of short spritz of this will refresh and keep you moving through your journey. 

3.  Airplane Earplugs- I already have some hearing difficulty due to medical reasons, so flying can sometime be a hug discomfort. A friend got these for me last year and they stay in  my travel bag with the other two item above.  My ears felt so much better after my flight.

Remember traveling is also about the journey, not just the destination. Enjoy yourself and Have Plenty of Fun.

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