Still Twirling: The Power of Lane Bryant's Yellow Pleated Dress

Happy Friday My Luvs!

You made through another week of work, stress and life. Time for a pick me up. When I'm feeling down, I always cheer myself up with the power of color.  I always tell my styling clients that color is a good thing in the wardrobe.  Color can be uplifting during the bad times.  My favorite cheer me up color is yellow. Yellow is just a happy color to me it's uplifting and illuminating,cheerfulness and fun. I love everything about this color and when I saw this yellow pleated from I felt happy instantly and had to have it.

Style Note: This dress is so spring perfect it's ridiculous.  The full pleated skirt will transport you into an instant twirl moment and there's nothing better than that.  I paired the dress with a pop of pink with these cute low heel pumps from Target some years ago and a chucky teal jewel tone necklace also from Lane Bryant.

 Pink is huge this year in the trends. Soft pinks and blush are leading the trend.  I found some really cute pink pieces recently, I can't wait to share with you soon.  I didn't think I would like the two combined but I'm loving how refreshing they look together. 

 I was feeling a little down the day I took these picture,but soon after my sprints were lifted and I knew everything will be alright.

What's your power color? How does it make you feel?  How do mix it?

The gorgeous dress also comes in black and coral as well.

Get the dress here.

And for some shoe inspiration. Pick your favorite!

See more of my yellow inspiration click the pic below.

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What's your opinion?

  1. So sexy in that dress, saw thiese pics and had a massive orgasm