PopSugar OPI Hawaii Color Challenge: The Plus Size Edition

Hey Luvs!

With spring in full bloom, you can't help but to take in these moments to bask in the glory of the vibrant shades of bright yellows, orange, blues and greens.  These brilliant hues are clearly the sign we've been waiting for to leave dreary old man winter at the door and open up to spring.  One thing that really got me excited about the awakening of the season was a post from online media site PopSugar for the OPI Color Challenge.  

I immediately fell in love with the entire concept of the post, but felt a certain kind of way when I didn’t see any plus size women represented in the post.  I then decided why not call upon a couple of my favorite plus size beauties and create our own OPI Color Challenge.  Can you imagine? 12 Plus Size Bloggers… 12 Colors of spring… 1 colorful collaboration?   With the help from a couple of my blogger boos, we created our version. 

PopSugar OPI Color Challenge: The Plus Size Edition...Of course.

The ladies and I had twelve colors to choose from ranging from creamy nude to vibrant red.  My color of choice was Bright Pineapple.  If you haven’t heard, I kinda have a thing for the color yellow. Every year, I must break out into my "Happy Color." 
It's my spring tradition.

When I begin my search, I knew I want a chic look something different from my normal.  I then remembered winning a look from the unapologetic fashion queens of Rebdolls Some months Marie Chic Curves had a contest and I won!  I picked the  Yellow 2- Piece Midi Set from Rebdolls, this was definitely something outside my normal, but perfect for this moment. 

I was a little upset that the set didn't look like the model in the tummy area, but It actually turned out that I like the longer crop top more for this type of look anyway. 

A quick note on this set: I am in love with this midi.  This high waist skirt has a good amount of stretch and it's perfect midi length. I could use a little more spandex, but I will survive. 
I think I'm a #Rebdoll now!!

I paired the set with the perfect spring white moto jacket from JCPenny and black pump to keep the chic look going. 
I kept the jewelry simple with a silver bar necklace from my local Premier Jeweler rep and hoops from TJ Maxx.  

Yellow is a great color to add to your wardrobe.  It will brighten up any piece from the darkest of grey to the brightest hue of blue.  Play with a little yellow in clutch or shoe.  Or go all out and get a 2 piece yellow situation like me.  
Either way go out and enjoy Spring! Grab a Rainbow of Color!!

Now if yellow is not your color, maybe one of the other eleven colors will entice you.  
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  1. Beautiful outfit! I just wore yellow yesterday, but I'm loving this on you. The cut, the color, the confidence...yeeees ma'am! You are weeerking! Can't wait to check out the other bloggers take on the challenge. Thanks for sharing :)