Finding the Perfect Jumpsuit for Thick Thighs: Part Two

Hey Luvs!!! 

Another day and another jumpsuit! If you're following me, you know how I am always preaching about "Thick Thigh" friendly clothing.  Some brands have caught on to this and making me so happy. One brand that always gets it right for me in the jumpsuit department is Fashion to Figure.  My first experience with this brand was last year when my search for jumpsuits begun.  I found the Geo Pacific Jumpsuit at Fashion to Figure and fell in love.  I was so excited about about this jumpsuit, I did a post on it and everything. Check it out.. here

This suit is very similar to my first suit. I really like how cut of the jumpsuit provides a large amount of room for the "blessed areas".  Although the deep V is not for the shy nor timid, it offers a chance to go risky or play it safe with a cami. I went for the safe option, but I think I would go  full deep V if  wearing it for a night out on the town.  For this look it was about having a easy day look that could fall into an the evening.

Kimonos are great for sleeveless jumpsuits. They provide little coverage and depending on the type of kimono you rock, some drama too.

  Now for a bit of sad news..This jumpsuit is sold out. But other styles are available. 
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Jumpsuit:Fashion to Figure
Kimono: Cititrends
Sandals: Sam Elderman -DSW

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