Skirting it with Imebyjthomas

Hey Luvs!!!!

I have been working my buns off for the past two weeks working hard and getting ready for summer. 
There are so many things going on and so many things I have to share with you this week. Thank you again and again for the love and support in my attempt to be a cover girl for Redbooks' Real Women Real Style contest. I love and appreciate everyone!

Now let's start this week with a quick review of a up and coming designer that will be appearing in this year's Full Figured Fashion Week.  I beginning check out the style of Jeannetta Thomas also known as J.Thomas, owner and founder of I'Me designs a couple of months ago on facebook. It was also fun to see she was from my hometown of Montgomery, AL also. I first saw her design of this pattern on jumpsuit and well.....We all know how jumpsuits and I are not the best of friends, but when she offered to make this cutie in a skirt for me.....Wellll...Yes Please!   

This skirt was so perfect for my Sunday goodtimes.  I love the bright colors of cobalt and yellow, which you know is my signature color.  I thought about being funky and mixing a print with the beauty and I decided I didn't want to take away from the piece, so I just knew my denim button down would be perfect. And for some added fun, my Sebastian Women's Pointy Wedge Pump in Citron hit the spot.  Other accents were a fun clutch and bright tribal pieces from Forever 21 and Cato. 

Yeah these are they type of piece that put a smile on my face. 

I purchased the in my waist size of 36"  I should have went up to 38" and request the length be to 40" because I lost 2" to the elastic band. Which was my only con: the elastic waistband was too constricting with this light fabric.  I found myself trying to untwist it several times during the wear. 

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What's your opinion?

  1. You look cute! And I love the print and the colors on you.

  2. You look cute! And I love the print and the colors on you.