Get Into This Sweater Dress

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I'm not one to admit I can be a lazy dresser, but some days I would like to require VERY LITTLE EFFORT in my wardrobe selection. And when the weather is not to my liking, I prefer to keep the look simple.  So, if you're anything like me (cuteness and all) this ASOS CURVE ECO Knitted Sweater Dress is the exactly what you need to survive those "meh" days of winter.  

I went with more of an effortless style for today's post.  Just the dress, trench and scarf. This laid-back vibes that make it ideal for all of your out-of-office hour activities, like endless brunch and window shopping. Dress it up with sassy ankle boots or go all-out with a set of over-the-knee kicks.

This beauty is super soft and warm.  I mean cuddle up with me warm. And with the very easy classic shift dress style it doesn’t take much to change up the look:  rock a sleek pair of leggings, some funky socks, or — of course — killer shoes and this dress would work. Speaking of work,  this midi style knit piece just works in the office.  Layer it over a long sleeve top on days when you need that extra bit of warmth and exotic print ankle boots that feel chic on any occasion.

Will this sweater dress be making its way into your closet this season? You can purchase this one now with the link below and see some other sweater dress that caught my eye.

By the way, did you notice this is also the top from my post earlier this week? 

Go ahead and grab them! Links below!

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