When Winter Calls:Transitioning with Style

Hey Pretties!!

The weather here is finally a bit chilly and I have to admit as much as I love sweater weather, I have some pieces in my closet I can't bear to let go of for the season.  Case in point, this gingham print fit, and flare from Lane Bryant.  This dress was clearly a summer hit this year.  It was the perfect mix of chic, classic and flirty.

Seriously, I totally understand the heartache Rudy endured in the episode where she had to give up her cute green dress and accept winter time (Cosby fans would understand). Do you have a summer piece you love so much you just can't bear to see it packed up for the season?  I just had to come to grips and figure out a way to keep it in the rotation a little longer for the fall/winter.

One sure fire way to still rock your favorite summer dresses or even shorts in this changing seasons would be to layer the pieces up.   Try some fun tights and dusters to give new life to your favorite piece of the season.

I paired it with a pair of tights from target.com, a turtleneck and a cool leopard moto from Charlotte Russe.com for a cool girl fall/winter look.

Are you mixing up summer pieces for winter looks?  What are you doing to keep your summer hope alive?  Let me know!

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