Update Your Boudoir with Adore Me

Update Your Boudoir with Adore Me
As the seasons begin to change, I begin to go through an annually ritual where I toss out all of my old underwear and stock up on some new pretty pieces for the spring.  It’s part of my spring revival to myself.  Adding some new new to your lingerie collection kind does something to you. You know? Also updating your lingerie is just as important as updating your wardrobe.  It’s another refresh to your personal style. Now before you start to tell me how expensive you think all this will be let me introduce you to Adore Me.  One of the newest membership sites that focuses on lingerie.  With plus size up to a 44G  and 4XL and full lingerie sets starting at $39.95, there's no reason you should have old lingerie lingering in your boudoir.

Many of the sets are super duper fancy and all kind of sexy.  If your anything like me the ultra chic relaxation collection called Sleep Chic is also available. This collection is filled with over-sized pajama set and lounge wear, everything a plus size girl needs for a weekend lounging. The best thing about the Adore Me membership is you have to get something every month.  You have the veto power, to accept or decline the newest set. Stress free right?  Right. Check out my favorites from the collection and lookbook!  Which are your favorite?
Update Your Boudoir with Adore Me
Matilda Pajama Set
Blythe in White


Shivia in Teal

Edith in Blue
See more from the Adore Me collection now available online!
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What's your opinion?

  1. That Shevia is amazing. The color is beautiful and love the design. Unfortunately the bra is not in my size, but maybe I put it on the wall for reduction inspiration. ha

    1. We are going to find you some pretty pieces. I'm working on it.