The New Grudge: Bee and Pep does Plaid

Hey Luvs!

Today is another installment of Bee and Pep does Plaid. Every week Biance of Curvaceouslybee and I, show you how we would wear some of the latest trends and styles. For this month, we are going full on plaid and loving it.  See the first look of the month here.  This week's look was a little bit of nostalgia for me, growing up in the 90's during the Seattle Grudge trend made me appreciate the plaid life.  It was also during this time I begin to test my pattern mixing skill, not knowing form of rebellious fashion would one day become on of my favorite trends. To get in the vibe of a more grown up version my grungy past, I wore a striped bodycon from Zulily ( perfect for spring and summer) and a plaid duster shirt from Ashley Stewart with my white moto to finish the look. Take a look at this week's look and tell me what you think!  

And dont forget to check Bee out! Click here

Totally embracing my grudge life. 

How would you wear it?

What's your opinion?

  1. Love the look! YES, I'd definitely wear it. ;-)


  2. This is SO CUTE! I love this! Been trying to figure out how to style MY plaid duster other than just over leggings and this is perfect.