Save The Date Atlanta!! Lavender's Jungle Presents The Fashion Playhouse

Nothing beats the beginning of spring like the arrival of new fashion.  I'm so excited and honored to share my very first  Lavender's Jungle experience this year.  I first heard of this fashion line in 2012 during the Full Figure Fashion Week, the pieces were perfect for work and the designs really knew the curves of a plus size girl. 

Everything was girly, classy and fun....Three of my favorite characteristic. 

Although I wasn’t blogging at that time, I was all over youtube watching the videos of the fashion shows and dreaming for my day to be on the front line of fashion.  Now fast foward to 2015, I will be covering this year's runway show and festivities.  I really can't wait to see what Celebrity fashion designer, La Krisha Joseph-Baker will bring to the stage this year.  With a show entitled The Fashion Playhouse,  a magical night featuring exaggerated characters and exciting events that will provide the audience an interactive experience. Infusing fashion, theater and music.  

Lavender’s Jungle will debut five different collections, with over 50 garments, ranging from ready to wear garments to ball gowns.  Talk about a real night of fashion.

So what are you doing  March 28,2015?  
 Save the date and make plans to hang out with me for a night of fashion. 

Tickets are on sale now on Eventbrite

See You There!!!!

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