Mixing Prints and Textures!

Good Morning!!

Are you exploring mixed prints in your wardrobe yet? You should.  It's one of my favorite ways to play with fashion.  I'm constantly mixing patterns and prints to create new outfit options in my closet. For example, Today post includes FOUR patterns or textures: Leopard, Polka Dots, Tweed and Reptile. 
Take a Look.

When Mixing Prints always keep one main color as your anchor or primary color.  This color will hold the look together. 

Play with textures. Tweed has numerous shades throughout it, use those shades to mix in another pattern. 

Make sure your shoes pull the look together. Adding another print to my feet would have been a fail move. I like to keep my shoes classic.

Outfit Details All item were already in my closet. 
Start there first!

Sweater: Sears
Shirt: Belk's
Skirt: Target
Handbag: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Unisa

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What's your opinion?

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