30PlusStyle: Perfect in Pastels

Hello and Welcome again to another great collaboration with myself and the lovely ladies of 30 PlusStyles.  The love we have received thus far has been so wonderful and and encouraging, we have to continue to inspire women of all ages to live by self love.

Speaking of "Love", Do you not love today's theme? Perfect in Pastels.  Honestly, I rarely wear pastels, my mother dressed me in pink almost everyday of my life, so I thought maybe I was over it. Like right now she is holding on to a little pink flannel kilt like skirt I use to wear when I was little in her bedroom drawer (can't get a foot in that things now), but it's sweet and I love her. 

For the record, this ensemble is possibly one of my new favorites. I'm in love with this demure look.

This look is pieces together with a great vintage find from my local thrift store.  I screamed when I saw this pleated midi in this vibrant color.  I had to bring it home, but I had no clue what I was going to pair it with.  So the day of my shoot, I literally ransacked every closet in the house and then I found this in my mother's suit stash...... Can you say? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! I finished the look with what I like to call my Dorothy slippers and felt like a lady ready to brunch.

Any Takers? 

Talk about feeling like a lady.

Outfit Details
Jacket- Circa Early 2000- Ashley Stewart- Mommy's Closet
Top- JC Penny (Old)
Skirt and Jewelry- Thrifted
Shoes- J Renee (Ebay)
Handbag- Belk's

What's your opinion?

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    1. Thanks Hun! I swear I want some tea and ladyfingers. LOL

  2. You got pantone & pastels going on, Love it!!

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  4. You look so dainty and lady like! I absolutely love it Pep!!!

  5. That coat and skirt!!!!! I totally thought the coat was vintage too! The blush compliments the skirt so well= two thumbs up!!!