It All Starts With Inspiration- Cape Casual Style

This inspiration came from Pinterest...Have a start somewhere.

Cape: Burlington Coat Factory,  Leggings: Old navy, Boots: Belks (on sale now see below), Handbag: Charming Charlie's
 Currently on sale at
Currently on Sale

If you must start somewhere with your fashion adventure, I strongly suggest Pinterest or Polyvore.  This year I want to celebrate the power of inspiration and of course add my own pinch of style to it.  The main element of my inspiration was  my brown boots.  I wanted something other than the warm neutrals to complete my outfit.  I logged on to Pinterest and there were so many options and ideals. The stripes won because I love stripes. This was perfect for just a day of running around and enjoying a day off for King Holiday. Start somewhere with your style.

What inspires you?  Where does you inspiration come from?



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