I Have A Wild Side!

By now you should know that I love trends and classic pieces that can go from work mainly and play later.  Of course LEOPARD LIFE is my favorite and it is a lady's most classic item in the closet.  I found this dress at the local Goodwill for $6.00, it a Lane Bryant dress so it had to be $49-$69  in the store.  Also the front was a little more suggestive of "date night" attire and since I love a boat neck.......I turn it around and wore it backwards with a blazer.  This made it so much more work appropriate for me.  So I guess I got 2 dress for 1!  Yipeee!! Save Single Girl Save!!!  

Outfit Logistic
Dress- LB- Thrift from Goodwill
Blazer- Ashley Stewart
Bangles- Assorted-Cato, Marshalls, Goodwill
Shoes- DKNY Comfort Line

Have a Great One,

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