Shackle on my feet..Happy Air Max Day!

Shackles on my feet won't let me dance….

Recently I posted a pic on my facebook and a follower mention how the look would be so much more on point if I wore heels.  I proceeded to tell her to each their own but heels were no longer my thing especially with severe arthritis I received after healing from a nasty ass fall ten years ago. After several surgeries, months of rehab and shots, my theme song for recovery was easily the song, Shackle on my feet.

Now when it comes to my shoe selection, sneakers are right up there with my ankle boots. Rightfully so, the perfect pair of kicks will not only keep you comfortable all day long but level up your entire look. Some of my favorite style influencers rock sneakers in a high fashion kind of ways like the ever fashionable Shiona Turni,  Solonge, and  Tracy Ellis Ross.

Kicks are Life!
And today, I had to join the rest of the world and celebrate Nike Air Max Day.
Nike Air Max is undoubtedly one of my favorite fashion sneakers.  The Air Max come in a classic low- or high-top style, both are hella comfortable, and now they are high fashion! So if you’re on the hunt for fresh ways to wear your sneakers, I hope this post can serve up some inspiration.

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 The hardware in my foot is finally gone. I feel a little lighter. Feeling like a new chick. Unfortunately, these shackles are off and ya girl still can't dance. DAMN THOSE HEELS!!

What's your opinion?

  1. These looks are perfect! Love sneakers with dresses and skirts - such a fresh look!

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